So I ended up sleeping around 3 AM. I got everything finished though! In the morning, I woke up and started to work on Amanda's and Jeff's mix tapes. It was a hectic morning for me... Sorta. Kinda, but not really, stressful. I usually don't get stressed out though. So after, I got everything ready and I headed over to Blake's pad.
      Kira and Sky were both there. I gave Blake my gifts, I think he liked it? I'm not really sure. He said he did. He liked the mushroom though! He calls it "Mr. Shroom." Haha. Friken Dork. So, we all just chilled at his pad till he had to take Kira to the airport. I'm glad Blake isn't moving back to Solcal. I'd probably cry if he really left!
     Kira left me her spare key and her key card to the apartement. WOOT! PARTAY! haha. Jkjk. After they left, I stayed at their place for a few more minutes. I sorta started to clean. I did the dishes and folded Blake's blankets for him. I was BORED, it's what I do when I'm bored.
     After, I went to see Amanda, then I went to school. I gave Jeff his gift and chatted with him for a while. I'm definately going to miss that fool! Class was super fast pace today. We made 4 more sheets of cake, decorated the premade yule logs, rolled up the 4 sheets, and froze them while also dispersing a bunch of cakes to all the chefs and all of the staff.
     I met Blake's mom and sister! They seem hecka cool! I really enjoyed meeting them and I hope they liked me too. I tried to make sure I got their approval, it's really all that matters.
     Anyways, after all the premade cakes were finished, we finished off our Black Forest Cake. I'm proud of my cake! I got so many people complimenting it! After the cake, we finished off the rest of the cakes and gave it all away. I got to keep 2 for myself though. After class, for the first time in forever, I finally went straight home by myself.  Then, I went over to Jen's house.
     There were a lot of people I don't know or I don't talk to. I just kinda chilled for a bit, then Allyson and I went out to Khols to buy a gift for the white elephant exchange. We ended up bying 4 pairs of thongs/panties. LOL! Then we wandered our way to the furniture store and looked at furniture. We ended up talking about a lot of things too. It was really nice. After a while, we then went back to Jen's place and did the white elephant gift exchange. Allyson and I got a nerf gun set. WHOOT! haha. It was quite hectic, Dee got our gift though, Everyone loved it! ahah. After that, we walked over to the park. Chris, Allyson, Chester and I just chilled on the monkeybars. We then played the "I have never..." game with Vanessa also! Fun times. We all got kicked out of the park though so we just went home. Back at the house, Allyson and I went on the boat outside and chatted. Everyone else ended up joining us, it was nice conversating with the sophomores. Eventually, Allyson and I left.
     I took Allyson to Tapx to meet up with Wilson, we talked for a bit then went home. Now I'm at home, It's 1:27 AM and I'm friken pooped! Lol. Just talking to Blake right now <3. I miss him already! He's all the way in Bakersfield. He said he might come back after the Wicked play and take me to Bako with him. I hope my parents let me, I want to meet his family and everything. But anyways, I'm tired. Night!
     OH! Omg! So I checked my stats and I have over 200 views!!! CRAZYY

12/25/2009 02:12:41 am

geez someone was really obsessed with checking your page -_-


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