Let's see... Today, I woke up at 8:30AM, I was pretty much bored so I started to read my book. It's getting really interesting and I'm almost finished with it! Around 10:30AM, I left to go to Darren's house.
     The most randomest thing happened. When I got there, Tim, Tim's GF, and Ami were all there. We all just talked, Ami didn't stay long though, and a little after Kenny arrived, Tim left also. It's nice seeing him, even though I don't know him too well.
     After, Kenny, Darren and I just began to rockband. We bought about 6 new songs and began getting more stars. Wilson arrived LATE, stupid Wilson! This was all for you and you arrived at 12ish! Lol. So yea, we basically just continued to play rockband till we got 900 stars, enough to begin the endless setlist 2! So excited! After that, we all went out to eat Pho. Well... I didn't really eat it, except for the bean sprouts, I wasn't really hungry... plus I didn't have any cash on me. When we got back to Darren's, we just played a few rounds of CoD until I got motion sickness, then I really wasn't much help afterwards... By then it was 8:30PM ish and I had to leave.
     When I got to my cousin's house, I began to watch The Office, but I found Shian and we just chilled in one of the rooms. We went channel surfing and talked for a bit. Nothing much happened afterwards. Geoff called me and wanted to come by to play Katamari, my parents gave me the okay so I drove Shian, Chen and my brothers all home.
     Now Geoff is over playing the Katamari game with my brother, LOL! Friken Losers... While he was doing that, I downloaded a crapload of macbook games for my laptop. Woot! I'm excited to play them all when I get bored... If I even remember to. Geoff is silently dancing to the Japanese music from the game.
     Anyways, Blake is coming home tomorrow! I can't wait to see him, I'm so excited. I might do a Davis trip, hopefully my parents are okay with it. Cross my fingers! Geoff is still over... Friken loser.
1/2/2010 05:47:07 pm

Read it. Huzzah!


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