Pink. Green. Orange. Yellow. White. Chocolate. Coffee. They all taste delicious yet I swear I will get cavities. I'm glad I'm doing the buffet final with Serena. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. We work so well together!
     Patty and I went out to Chipotle's for lunch today. It was so nice. I haven't went out for lunch in a long time. Plus she treated me out (for some reason... lol). Thank you Patty! I owe you one homie. I love lunching with Patty. If only I didn't have a curfew, then I'd stay Forever!
     Pizza night was pretty fun. The original plus Eugene, Elizabeth and David. We took so many pictures that I bet the other customers were like "WTF! STFU!" Lol. So after, we went to Darren's, then went to Costco for gas, then back to Darren's where they were planning on what to make a video of. I coudn't stay for long. Plus I was falling asleep so I went home and showered. I'm about to go to bed now. It's only 11 and I'm crashing!
     My pent up anger for this person was driving me crazy so I ranted to Patty about how bad it was... I'm so glad she was there to listen. I'm seriously going to have a talk with this person next week, obviously, me standing back and letting them treat me this way is not improving anyone.. But anyways...
     My final for PCI... OMG! I was so nervous! Chef set it up so we have to prep our workstation as if we were in a real restaurant. Then he times us, 1 min per plate, I went first and, knowing me, I had really bad stage fright. My hands were all shaky, I was sooo nervous! Blah, over all I guess I did well. I didn't fail miserably at least. We didn't really do much in class afterwards. It's only moments now till we're finished..
     After class, I immediately bolted out, changed and drove to my interview at Left Bank in Santana Row. I met up with Chef David and I immediately got the extern. Yay! He looked at a my portfolio and really liked what he saw. I can't wait to start! I wont start till after I finish school. But I'm basically in! It was a quick, short meeting.
     So as I was leaving, I somehow went on the wrong floor, unknowingly, and I was wandering aimlessly looking for my car. I seriously thought I was car jacked! I was soo scared! But then, I thought about it and I ended up parking on the wrong floor. FML. I looked like an idiot walking around, how embarassing! Lol.
    Anyways, I have to give my sister the laptop now.
     Since I was sick, I was too lazy to blog, even though I had all the time in the world...
     So on Tuesday, I did... Absolutely. N.O.T.H.I.N.G; Nothing. Okay okay, maybe saying "Nothing" might be a little too strong... I didn't really do absolutely nothing. I did something; like surf the net, worked on my portfolio, stalked people on Facebook, comment on things on Facebook, watched a crapload of CSI (LV/NY), drank so much tea that my salivary glands were starting to secrete tea... Oh! and also go to "Pizza night", instead, we went to iHop for their National Free Pancake Day. All I got were the Free Pancakes and hot tea, sadly I only finished 2 of the 3 pancakes, but thanks to Vince, he finished it for me! Along with his 5 other pancakes, eggs and bacon thingy... The guys, Darren, Alan, and Vince, were all competeting to see who could finish the fastest. Guess who won? Yup, the one and only FATASS; Darren.
     After our meal, we headed back to Darren's for a little, then all went our seperate ways. I didn't really do much at home afterwards. I talked to Blake before I went to bed (of course) and slept.
     This morning, when I got to school, I found Patty in the parking lot and we walked to class together. She filled me in on EVERYTHING that I missed out on. You gotta love Patty. Lol. In class, I basically stayed awake the whole time. I couldn't fall asleep at all! Oh well, I learned about Venus though. I wish I could stay awake like that. I guess 11 hours of sleep might do you in. Right?
     After school, I went to Blake's and made myself a grilled cheese sandwhich. It was absolutely delicious! We then finished the last episode of HIMYM S3. He made me another grilled cheese (with turkey) then we departed.
     School was pretty productive. I got everything ready for tomorrow's final. It is now a test of zen mixed with simplicity and elegance. Oxymoron much? I told Chef that my interview for Left Bank is tomorrow so he made some calls to put in a good word for you. I guess that's what happens when you have a chef with hook ups right? I didn't find it neccesary because I think I'd do well, but he did it on his impulse. I think Nancy was a bit disastisfied by that because she can't really get any hookups to. C'est la vie. She's getting better though, she actually cleaned all of her own dishes. Jasmine was also in class, but left early of course... I'm so ready for this final and my interview. No stress!
     Anyways, not much to do now. I found myself a hairstylist! The one, the only, TJ! I can't wait to see the wonders he can do to make shorthair beautiful.
     I guess that's all I have to say for now... Can't wait for tomorrow!
     I can't stand the clutter! Anyways, I think I failed my Astro exam again... Patty didn't come to school today! How lonely... After, I went to Blake's apartment and slept. Sorry babe! I'm just so tired..
     In class today, we finished our Mint Mousse Upside down cake. It looks so pretty! We also made this (supposedly) really good caramel mousse. I didn't eat any because it had gelatin of course. Today was a really busy day. I just don't remember. I'm so tired!
     After class, I stayed back a bit to work on chocolate. I'm getting better with my fans! Still getting there of course.
     Not much to say about today. I'm just really sleepy, so I'm gonna go to bed now. I guess Blake is still at work? It's getting late.
     After school, I hung out with Patty. We went to Target, where I bought chips and trail mix. I was craving them! We went over to a scrapbooking store too. Ideas are popping in my head!
    Class was alright. I really felt bad for Lynn; We did worked in pairs to make a chocolate mousse (because it produced way too much) so Serena and I worked together while Lynn and Nancy worked together. I felt so bad because Lynn was doing most of the work; she scaled out everything, then she washed the dishes as Nancy casually made the mousse. Serena and I were kinda like, "WTF?" I felt bad so I helped Lynn a little. After class, I accompanied her to the store room and we talked about Jasmine. I told her not to worry about her anymore and she said that she'll probably just forget about it because her life is chaotic as is. Poor Lynn...
     After class, I had a meeting with Molly about my resume and portfolio and stuff like that. I'm excited to see the outcome of it! I hope I get a job! Lol.
     After that, I met up with Blake; he took care of Milo for me, then I dropped him home and headed to pizza night. It as pretty fun. I had to cut it short because I had to study for Astro.. Ughh! Lol.
     Now I'm at home. Maybe I'll do my Resume tomorrow in class or something.
     Patty and I skipped school today. We went back to her house, kidnapped Bianca, got some Starbucks, visited Danyelle, then went shopping at the Great Mall. I didn't buy anything though. We took some pictures in the japanese photobooth because Bianca always wanted to take pics there.
     After, I dropped them home and went to PCI. On the way there, I totally thought up another design. Music. Bottom: Piano Keys, Middle: music notes on a staff, Top: A free style of notes and cleffs. As I got to school, I quickly sketched out my vision, and in the end, that's what I chose. I'm so excited! It's going to be a black and white cake, mainly white, and some silver to accent some main parts. I'm so excited. So we just covered our cakes with fondant. Then I started on my bottom tier, I scaled everything out and started making lines to where the keys were going to be at. I'll take picture updates forsure!
     After a long day of class, my classmates and I met up at Chilis and had dinner. We talked a lot and just enjoyed the company. Everyone, except me, drank... Sadly.. Lol. Although I DID have a mango iced tea. Yuum. Lol.
     I went home around 8ish and started making an angel food cake for KJN's birthday. I was just going to make the cake and finish it off tomorrow, but I ended up frosting it and putting together the cake. I would say that in total, it took me 5 hours, with baking time and all. I think the cake looks alright... It's pretty wrinkly and lopsided, but I never make a fondant cake with Angel food before so I didn't know what to use for the frosting (toasted coconuts with whipped cream). Bad Idea... I shall keep experimenting on this then. So yea, he has a square cake that looks like a present. I also made a superman seal out of fondant. I'm knda excited to eat it. I hope it tastes better than it looks! Blah.
     Today was a good day, NAY, a great day! It started off at De Anza, I took my rightful spot next to Patty's car and gave her a call. I then switched over to her car and we decided to skip class, since she was sick and all. Patty then drove us somewhere asiany and we walked around outside, unfortunately, nothing was open and Patty was thirsty. That was when I spotted Starbucks across the street. We made our way over and I ordered a drink. The barista who took my order was pretty funny and cute. Our convo:

Barista: Hey welcome to Sturbucks!
Me: Hey, can I get a Cafee Mocha?
Barista: No :]
Me: Oh.. Well I want it anyways.
Barista: Ohh, I like you already!

     That was basically our convo, Patty was like, "OMG! He's so cute!" Haha.  I only have a coffee sleeve to remind me of this day. Funny funny, too bad I'm dating Blake! (I love you babe!) Patty and I stayed at Starbucks for a while just talking and stuff, then we decided to go back to her place and watch The Hangover while eating Top Ramen. Good day.
     PCI was alright today, we had final today, I messed up on my souffle the first time, but the second was ten times better. I got a 10/10! With plating, it was alright, 8/10? Lol.
     After class, I went over to Blake's for a little, we chatted about our day, then I left to go to Pizza Night. Fun day, we all were kind of tired but it was still good. Pizza night is definitely something I look forward to every week. It's the main point in the week where I meet up with the Darren, Alan, and everyone else and we just bond and tell jokes and stories. That's the moment we're just ourselves and we act like the usual obnoxious teens in the movies. I love pizza night.
     So, when I got home, I began to blog, then I got a random phone call from a restricted number. At first I didn't recognize the voice, but then it was the guy from Starbucks! LOL! Jkjk, noo it wasn't, but guess who it was?
     Axell. Super random right? He apologized for everything that happened and I was kinda like "Why are you apologizing? We're both at fault here". In the end, we had an hour long convo talking about everything that's happened and just reminiscing about the past. Oh how I missed those times we shared. Axell and I have been through a lot and I thought that if we cut connections, everything will be better, unfortunately, that isn't the case. I've truly missed him and I'm glad that of all days, he chose today to call me. Today is quite an amazing day, I knew from the beginning that it was going to be spectacular, and spectacular it has been. Just a coffee sleeve to remind me of this day.
     It's interesting on how a second could change everything. Because I left the house at that exact time, and because I decided to go in the carpool lane in that exact moment, I got that exact parking spot. What's so great about the parking spot? It was right next to Patty's car. A second too late means that someone could've taken that spot. A second too early means that Patty might not have been there. But it was timed just perfectly. Look at it this way, if I didn't park next to Patty, she wouldn't have called me and I wouldn't have switched cars to sit in hers. Therefore, I would've walked alone to class, waited outside of Patty's class, which she didn't go to, and assumed she didn't make it to school today. Which also means that I would've sat alone in Astro today. But good thing none of that happened!
     After De Anza, I went straight to school, bumped into Amanda, and was ABOUT to take my ServSafe test when... What do you know? It hasn't been mailed yet! FML! Lol. Oh well. One more day to "study"! As I left, Amanda asked to borrow money (approximately $200) so she can help out that douchebag that's using her. In my head, I was like "FUCK NO! I'm not gonna help out that asshole. I'll never get my money back!" But I told her that I didn't have any cash on me. Who carries $200 on them?
     Long story short, as I get back to the apartment, Blake wasn't there, so I ended up making food and watching I Am Legend. He came back, we watched some more I Am Legend. Went to school.
     We made Souffle today! I had to do it twice since I messed up the first time. Not much happened...
     Blake picked my up after class and I chilled at the appartment with Em and Blake for a little, then I left to run some errands. Now, I'm at home and craving some eggs, specifically the yolk. Yum!!
     It was interesting but so boring at the same time! I couldn't help myself. Patty was out cold too! Lol. French was alright, nothing special.
     After class, I went over to Blake's place. Since Sky and Em were still sleeping, Blake and I just chilled in his room. After they woke up, we went out and I made myself some toast. After a little while, I went to school. Blake didn't come with me because he was sorta sick.
     Class was alright this time. Chef got mad at us for being too slow. But on the bright side, we made strawberry shortcake!
     After, I decided to make some soup for Blake, so I went to Safeway and bought Cream of Chicken for him and a bunch of other food; Ore Ida, 2 frozen pizzas, ham slices, turkey slices, and arizona. It's all for them to enjoy and stuff since I go there and steal food anyways... So yea, I went back to the apartment and made some soup for him. By then he was already getting better. We enjoyed dinner together and watched Public Enemies, well what was remaining. Anyways, around 9:30, I had to leave so Blake walked me down to my car. When we got there, another car parked behind me! They left a note saying "This is my spot, next time dont park here. There's parking on Cypruss. Come get me at B104 and I will move my car"
     So we went and looked for that apartment. At first, no one answered, so Blake tried to move my car so we can back it out, but he couldn't. Then we went back and tried again. In the end, this lady came out, she was really nice and friendly and stuff and just simply moved our car, no problem. Lol. So emabarassing though! But I got really lucky. I thought it was going to be a douche who was going to yell at me for parking in the wrong spot.
     I went home after that and took a shower. Now I'm here... I was going to retype some of my notes for Jasmine, this girl in my class, but I came home late... I hope Serena will type it up for her.
     Geoff and Blake are over right now playing Katamari with my brothers... LOL!! I gotta recap on my day yesterday, but quickly!!!
     First day of De Anza! I found Patty and we went to Astro4 together. I found Jimmy and he sat close to us also, he barely made it in class! I'm kinda excited and nervous for Astro. It's in the planatarium, which is really neat. French was interesting. It seems as if this French2 class is more enthusiastic and everything. There's a guy that sits in front of me, kinda, and he TOTALLY reminds me of Dwight from The Office. Not gonna lie. He kinda looks like Dwight too and he keeps speaking out in class when he's not supposed to. So annoying.. But yea.
     After class, I met up with Patty and we decided to go to Blake's pad. She wanted to meet Blake. Em and Sky where there, we all just chilled there. Sky aired out Kira's nasty smelling room with burnt sage. It's supposed to be cleansing or something like that. But yea, we all just chilled and eveything. Patty was really quiet! Lol.
     Around 12ish, Patty went home and Blake went with me to school. We started on our lady fingers and we also made the crust for our cheese cake. After class, Blake picked me up and we went back to his place. I ended up staying longer than expected. We watched Taking Pelham 123, pretty good movie, then Em came and we all just chilled and talked and stuff. Around 9ish, I went home and eventually I fell asleep.
      Today, De Anza again, I met up with Patty but she needed to buy something so we were kinda late to Astro4, French was alright. After class, I went over to Blake's. Sky and Em were there too. Blake made us all pancakes! Yum! we all just chilled like always and talked and stuff. Around 12ish, Blake went with me to school again. This time, we finished out Charlotte Russe cake, using the lady fingers, and we also finished our cheese cake.
     After class, chef let us stay a little longer to practice and stuff. Blake came in and helped us wash dishes. Thanks babe! Lol. After, we decided to meet up with the guys at pizza night; Darren,  Perry, Vince, Alex Nguyen, David, Vincent Do, Alan, and Elizabeth were all there. Sorry guys, I had to leave early because I had a lot to get done with. After pizza, we went to Karate where everyone met Blake. Lol, especially Allan Dale. I also gave them 2 cakes. We stayed there for quite a long while.
     After that, we went over to Kim's so I could pick up my french video. Kim and Blake started conversing and kinda arguing about political views and stuff. I was kinda scared that they were gonna start fighting or something! Anyways, we stayed for a good while, until I had to leave to go to Wilson Yu's place to pick up my AA jacket. We all talked, I heard some stuff about band.... Yea...
     So anyways, we're back at home. It's 11 right now and Geoff is stuck on this game. It's pretty funny. Anyways, I'm kinda getting sleepy, I'll kick them both out when this round is over. Hehe. Anyways, BYE!