It's interesting on how a second could change everything. Because I left the house at that exact time, and because I decided to go in the carpool lane in that exact moment, I got that exact parking spot. What's so great about the parking spot? It was right next to Patty's car. A second too late means that someone could've taken that spot. A second too early means that Patty might not have been there. But it was timed just perfectly. Look at it this way, if I didn't park next to Patty, she wouldn't have called me and I wouldn't have switched cars to sit in hers. Therefore, I would've walked alone to class, waited outside of Patty's class, which she didn't go to, and assumed she didn't make it to school today. Which also means that I would've sat alone in Astro today. But good thing none of that happened!
     After De Anza, I went straight to school, bumped into Amanda, and was ABOUT to take my ServSafe test when... What do you know? It hasn't been mailed yet! FML! Lol. Oh well. One more day to "study"! As I left, Amanda asked to borrow money (approximately $200) so she can help out that douchebag that's using her. In my head, I was like "FUCK NO! I'm not gonna help out that asshole. I'll never get my money back!" But I told her that I didn't have any cash on me. Who carries $200 on them?
     Long story short, as I get back to the apartment, Blake wasn't there, so I ended up making food and watching I Am Legend. He came back, we watched some more I Am Legend. Went to school.
     We made Souffle today! I had to do it twice since I messed up the first time. Not much happened...
     Blake picked my up after class and I chilled at the appartment with Em and Blake for a little, then I left to run some errands. Now, I'm at home and craving some eggs, specifically the yolk. Yum!!

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