Not much happened today. I aced my french test... again. Visited my babe while Amanda was over. $1 Oatmeal Wednesdays at Jamba. Mmm!
     We had Chef Sam today. We thought that he was going to be all mean and yell at us and stuff... But surprisingly, he didn't! He was super nice, he cleaned his own messes, cleaned his own table, and helped put away food that needed to go back to the store room! I was so surprised! He's definately different than Chef Alex. I kinda like having Chef Sam. I had my doubts, but I was wrong.
      My cake looks better the more you stare at it. I wonder what Chef Alex thinks of it...
     After class, I immediately left to go to the Great Mall to watch Dear John with Jen and Allyson. Unfortunately, Allyson couldn't stay so Jen's sister drove her home. It ended up being Jen, Rochelle, Junette, Kirsten and I. They came HECKA late! But our seats weren't that bad. We sat in the front though.
     What can I say about Dear John... Channing Tatum is definately gorgeous, although I personally think that he is okay as an actor. At the beginning, I was skeptical, but knowing the novels that Nicholas Sparks have written kept me hopeful. In the middle of the movie, that's when things got good. Towards the end, it got better, but unfortunately, the ending made me go "Wtf?!" Everything was predictable, but it was still cute, funny and sad. I couldn't help told in those few tears. All in all, the movie was Okay. You'll have to watch it to make a judgement yourself of course.
     After the movie, we hung around a bit for a few minutes, then made our way home. I seriously need to upload those pics on my sister's camera. There's no more memory for me! Why did my camera have to break? Why?
     Thanks again Allyson, without your tweet, I would have never woken up! lol. I woke up at 6:45AM and left the house around 6:55AM and PCI started at 7AM... Oh how fun it was in the morning. I was totally freaking out and everything. In the end, I was late for class. Not much of a surprise there, I just have to blame it on Blake because he kept me up till 12 last night! Jerk! Lol! jkjk, I love you babe!
     So, for the ServeSafe class, we basically just learned a lot on bacteria and virus' and parasites. Oh, the joy... It was so boring! I was trying not to fall asleep. I met a few new morning culinary kids. Pretty cool. This new group pretty much consists of adults, with the few teens of course. I met a guy that was going to be in the midday b&p. I told him that I'd see him around then. Lol! I don't remember how he looks like...
     Anyways, after class was finished, I went to get my stuff from the car, change, then prepped for my final. Blake came in and gave me a turkey sandwhich; prepared just the way I like it. Love! Lol.
     For our final, we had to put together and decorate a small strawberry shortcake. I kinda messed up a bit, but I know for sure that I did ten times better than when I first started. We also made a bunch of other doughs for tomorrow. Next section: Plated Desserts; I can't wait!
     After class, I changed and got dinner with Blake; Taco Bell! Best dinner ever! I brought it back to his Apartment and enjoyed my dinner. I hung out with Blake, Sky and Em till almost 10. I learned how to play a game called Farkle, it's pretty fun, sorta confusing, but reminds you of Yahtzee.
     Now I'm at home, talking to my babe, of course. 1111! Time for bed, good night! Serve Safe tomorrow... Yay...!
     Let's see. Around 5, I went to the Cupertino Starbucks to meet up with Shivani and Jimmy. At first it was just Jimmy and I. We talked and talked and then Shivani FINALLY showed up about an hour later than she planned. Lol! After that, we just talked for a good hour and parted ways. I don't want school to start!
     After, I came back to Milpitas and picked up Albert, then I headed towards the theaters. It was super crowded! We met up with Darren, Wilson, Maggie and Allyson. We were a few minutes late but we found an empty row for ourselves (at the middle walkway aisle area..) Thank you Albert for paying by the way. The movie was just as good the second time! Although, everything was predictable...
     After the movie, we all headed out to Chilis. Alan and Alex Tu joined us later on. It was a pretty fun night overall; chill and super filling. I wish there were more things to do in Milpitas though. After dinner, we all went outside to vandalize Alex Tu's Camry (Without the other ladies of course, they had previous left). We all drew Penis' around his car. Lol. I was getting quite chilly and tired so I decided to go home.
     So now, I'm about to head off to bed soon. I'm super full though. Blake is sick right now so I told him to go to sleep early. So yea.. Good news is, he's coming back tomorrow! Probably at nightish, but yea. I told him that I'd go feed him some (canned) cream of chicken. I'll also throw in his favorite pomegrante juice. I hope he gets better though, maybe I'll see him tomorrow night, or Sunday morning, Je ne sais pas. I just miss him oh-so much.

Darren: lol i has an angry penis >8=D
Blake: Sorry to tell you, but the =D distracts the eye and that's all i
           really see :( but its good
Darren: my penis an angry blake!
Blake: Alright, it is angry
Darren: nooo my penis is very angry... like it catch on fire
Blake: That must really hurt, you might want to get that checked
Darren: my penis is angry! tickle it and make it happy blake
Blake: Darren, that's a little far. I don't role that way, sorry
Darren: make my penis sneeze!
Blake: No thanks. Go find a whore
Wow Darren... just wow. Lol
     So I ended up sleeping around 3 AM. I got everything finished though! In the morning, I woke up and started to work on Amanda's and Jeff's mix tapes. It was a hectic morning for me... Sorta. Kinda, but not really, stressful. I usually don't get stressed out though. So after, I got everything ready and I headed over to Blake's pad.
      Kira and Sky were both there. I gave Blake my gifts, I think he liked it? I'm not really sure. He said he did. He liked the mushroom though! He calls it "Mr. Shroom." Haha. Friken Dork. So, we all just chilled at his pad till he had to take Kira to the airport. I'm glad Blake isn't moving back to Solcal. I'd probably cry if he really left!
     Kira left me her spare key and her key card to the apartement. WOOT! PARTAY! haha. Jkjk. After they left, I stayed at their place for a few more minutes. I sorta started to clean. I did the dishes and folded Blake's blankets for him. I was BORED, it's what I do when I'm bored.
     After, I went to see Amanda, then I went to school. I gave Jeff his gift and chatted with him for a while. I'm definately going to miss that fool! Class was super fast pace today. We made 4 more sheets of cake, decorated the premade yule logs, rolled up the 4 sheets, and froze them while also dispersing a bunch of cakes to all the chefs and all of the staff.
     I met Blake's mom and sister! They seem hecka cool! I really enjoyed meeting them and I hope they liked me too. I tried to make sure I got their approval, it's really all that matters.
     Anyways, after all the premade cakes were finished, we finished off our Black Forest Cake. I'm proud of my cake! I got so many people complimenting it! After the cake, we finished off the rest of the cakes and gave it all away. I got to keep 2 for myself though. After class, for the first time in forever, I finally went straight home by myself.  Then, I went over to Jen's house.
     There were a lot of people I don't know or I don't talk to. I just kinda chilled for a bit, then Allyson and I went out to Khols to buy a gift for the white elephant exchange. We ended up bying 4 pairs of thongs/panties. LOL! Then we wandered our way to the furniture store and looked at furniture. We ended up talking about a lot of things too. It was really nice. After a while, we then went back to Jen's place and did the white elephant gift exchange. Allyson and I got a nerf gun set. WHOOT! haha. It was quite hectic, Dee got our gift though, Everyone loved it! ahah. After that, we walked over to the park. Chris, Allyson, Chester and I just chilled on the monkeybars. We then played the "I have never..." game with Vanessa also! Fun times. We all got kicked out of the park though so we just went home. Back at the house, Allyson and I went on the boat outside and chatted. Everyone else ended up joining us, it was nice conversating with the sophomores. Eventually, Allyson and I left.
     I took Allyson to Tapx to meet up with Wilson, we talked for a bit then went home. Now I'm at home, It's 1:27 AM and I'm friken pooped! Lol. Just talking to Blake right now <3. I miss him already! He's all the way in Bakersfield. He said he might come back after the Wicked play and take me to Bako with him. I hope my parents let me, I want to meet his family and everything. But anyways, I'm tired. Night!
     OH! Omg! So I checked my stats and I have over 200 views!!! CRAZYY

     Yesterday, I picked up Allyson and Jen and we went to Verde. Hecka fun! We talked and caught up so well. It's nice to hear about how well the group is doing. I only miss a selected few from that group of "sophomores" by the way.
     After Verde, I went home to drop off a pearl drink for my momma. Then I took them to where Geoff lives. When we got to Alum Rock, they needed to pee so I had to make a detour. We somehow ended up in a mexican church... Their bathrooms were HECKA nice!!! We went in, used the latrine, and went out. Like friken NINJAS!
     So, the most embarassing thing happened to me... As I was driving to show the ladies the view and where Geoff lived, I turned the corner, pointed to the house, and as I did, Brent, the 29 year old roomie, popped out of nowhere and was looking at my car. I was hecka freaking out and tried to do a quick smooth U-ie, it didn't work but I got out of there as fast as possible. He probably thinks I'm weird now... I should've played it off and got out of the car and asked for Geoff... So embarassing...
     We had time to kill so I took the ladies to meet Blake. They LOVED him! That night was almost ruined though, Kira and Amanda were there and Amanda was depressed as hell... Enough about them. But yea, us 4 had a pretty good convo going. I'm glad that they like him! They APPROVE! Lol. They also really like Sky and Em. It was nice just talking with Sky, Em, Blake, Jen and Allyson. I felt like they really connected with this group. I can't wait till the rest of you guys meet them! Lol.
     We left around 7ish and I took Allyson home, then Jen and I decided to be random so we went to Eugene's house. He later came out and we chilled in my car and just talked some more. Then I took Jen home.
     Game night! Hecka fun! We played 3 rounds of Payday, then we played Mario Party 2. OLD SCHOOL! We popped out the N64 and battled it out. In the end, I won! Hehe. I got super lucky though.
     I love hanging out with those ladies. I know that these are the people I can instantly connect with no matter the distance. We're a bunch of spontaneous girls with big dreams and we do the most randomest things ever. We go out and explore the world! I love you guys!
     Anyways, It's 12:20 AM right now. I'm going to bed now. Good Night!!! Plans for tomorrow: do laundry, reorganize tool kit, PCI, and venture meeting. Things I need to work on: spending time with family & spending less time with Amanda. I just need a break from her right now...