Thanks again Allyson, without your tweet, I would have never woken up! lol. I woke up at 6:45AM and left the house around 6:55AM and PCI started at 7AM... Oh how fun it was in the morning. I was totally freaking out and everything. In the end, I was late for class. Not much of a surprise there, I just have to blame it on Blake because he kept me up till 12 last night! Jerk! Lol! jkjk, I love you babe!
     So, for the ServeSafe class, we basically just learned a lot on bacteria and virus' and parasites. Oh, the joy... It was so boring! I was trying not to fall asleep. I met a few new morning culinary kids. Pretty cool. This new group pretty much consists of adults, with the few teens of course. I met a guy that was going to be in the midday b&p. I told him that I'd see him around then. Lol! I don't remember how he looks like...
     Anyways, after class was finished, I went to get my stuff from the car, change, then prepped for my final. Blake came in and gave me a turkey sandwhich; prepared just the way I like it. Love! Lol.
     For our final, we had to put together and decorate a small strawberry shortcake. I kinda messed up a bit, but I know for sure that I did ten times better than when I first started. We also made a bunch of other doughs for tomorrow. Next section: Plated Desserts; I can't wait!
     After class, I changed and got dinner with Blake; Taco Bell! Best dinner ever! I brought it back to his Apartment and enjoyed my dinner. I hung out with Blake, Sky and Em till almost 10. I learned how to play a game called Farkle, it's pretty fun, sorta confusing, but reminds you of Yahtzee.
     Now I'm at home, talking to my babe, of course. 1111! Time for bed, good night! Serve Safe tomorrow... Yay...!

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