Blake spent the WHOLE day with me! Lol. He watched me frost and decorate a small strawberry shortcake. I'm getting better! I just need to be quicker. But anyways, we practiced a lot on our chocolate piping. I have to admit, I'm getting better! Yesh!
     After that, we played some Nazi Zombies, drove my grandma to Oceans, went out to eat at Subway, played more Nazi Zombies then watched How I Met Your Mother. WOOT! Haha. So funny. That's what we basically did till 6. Around 6, I took him to my cousin's house for my Grandma's birthday. All my aunts and uncles were like, "Is that your Boyfriend?!" haha. I just smiled and said that he's Blake. We didn't stay for long, we had dinner, sat around and talked for a little, then left to go pick up Kira from the airport.
     I hecka didn't recognize her! If I was just picking her up myself, I wouldn't have noticed. But yea, we drove back to Milpitas to switch cars, then I went back to my cousin's house while they went home. When I got there, we played Cranium, it was pretty fun. I was my sister's partner so of course we were winning. Lol. But anyways, Blake forgot his phone in my car so He came over later to pick it up. He actually stayed till about 1 in the morning. We watched a few more episodes of How I Met Your Mother and just chilled. He almost slept over, but my mom didn't let him. One day maybe. Lol.
     Anyways, I think I'm gonna watch some of The Office right now or something. So bored...

From Jen's Formspring:

If you were to choose a sport as your career job when you get older what would it be?

lacrosse, even though I’ve never played it in my life, its a good excuse to beat the living crap out of each other. but if that doesn’t work out, then id choose soccer, I’m good at defense ^__^ JESSICA! STOP ASKING MY THESE RANDOM QUESTIONS!!!

if you could switch bodies with anyone in the world and stay like that forever, who would it be? and you can’t say yourself!

I didn't ask that sports question Jen!

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