I didn't have to go to school until 9 today! Woot! Instead, I went to Nob Hill, the gas station and to Walgreens to buy Necowafers and Chocolate covered pretzels. Then, I went to school.
     I hung out with Tiffany today! We went to Le Boulanger. Honestly, I could make all of the things they had there! Lol. After, I went to PCI. I got there pretty early and Blake, Geoffrey, Amanda and Kira all came into my class room and hung out around my table. I gave Blake a hug today! He was mad that Kira left him for a short period of time to go home because he had work and he needed a ride. Lol. We had our final today. I had to make a Basque Cake and Pumpkin bread. I'm pretty satisfied overall with everything. I got 45/50 (because my Basque cake was a little underbaked!!).
    After PCI, I went over to Lynn's and we worked more on the gingerbread. It's coming together very nicely. All we need to do is just to assemble it together! EEK! I hope It'll last for a month! After, I went to Kira's and met Amanda's friend Cody. He's pretty cool, kinda quiet though, but funny. Lol. He better be good to her!
     Then, I went home and waited for Kim to come over. We went to Sweethearts for drinks and calamari. Yum! It was nice. We stayed there till 9 something, then my sister called asking me to get her some KFC so I had to go get KFC. Woo! 40 Hot wings! Lol. They actually gave me 20. Motherfuckers, oh well, we'll get 20 more tomorrow when my parents go and pick up the rest. Alright, gotta shower. BYE!

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