After a day of doing almost nothing, besides watching The Office and cleaning my sister's car, I went over to my cousins house for dinner. By the time I arrived, my cousins and brothers already left to go to another cousin's house... So I stuck around for a bit and had dinner, then ventured my way over to Blake's pad.
     When I got there, it was just him and me... and of course Kira. We ended up watching Robin Hood, Men In Tights. Super funny movie. Then Kira put in another movie; The Princess Bride, I must say it's one of the best, but not a favorite. Then, she put in ANOTHER movie, a movie that Blake didn't like, it doesn't matter what the title is because we then decided to not watch that movie and we relocated ourselves. Let's just say that in the middle, Kira just starts bursting out in song and her voice is not something you'd like to hear. Eventually though, Sky and Em came home and we just locked ourselves in the room, talking, laughing, and sharing stories. 
     Today was an unexpected day for me. I didn't expect to go see Blake, but I went anyways. Fun day.

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