Today was such a fun day! Long, busyful, cold, yet fun day. Let's just jump straight into the date.
     So I picked up Blake and we went to Asian McCarthy to get some Quickly's. Fucking Quickly's doesn't take debit so we had to wander all over the place in the rain for an ATM machine. We ended up going back there (after we got the money) to buy our drinks. Blake definitely likes it better.
    After, we made our way to The Tech Museum. It took us forever to find the parking garage, FAIL! We got lucky though, free pass today so we didn't have to pay to enter. Woot! I hoped he liked it, it's totally a children's place though. We explored and stuff. After an hour or so, we left.
     Next was christmas in the park. It wasn't dark or anything, but the decorations were all up and pretty. It was nice. We ended up walking to the Art Museum right across the street. Blake paid and we looked at art. It was really nice. Artwork is just so peaceful, it says a lot, yet doesn't say enough. It's amazing how much time someone puts into a piece and actually thinks of the idea to do it in the first place. Crazy stuff. I love looking at art.
     After, Blake was getting hungry so we ended up walking to The Old Spaghetti Factory. So delicious! I couldn't finish my food though. I feel bad that I wasted food! Blake took my plate and gave it to the waiter so I wouldn't stuff myself to death. Gosh! Lol.
     Then we headed back to Campbell to look for a good theater, nothing good was on so we just went back to Blake's pad. He pulled out the air matress into the living room and we watched Oceans Eleven. Towards the end of the movie, Sky and Em came home. We finished the movie, chatted and Sky put up the (fake) tree, decorations and christmas lights. It's so pretty! Lol.
     At 10, I had to leave so Blake walked me to the car. We hugged and he was like, "See you tomorrow... wait. yea I will, at school." So I said something about Chef Alex making fun of us, and he said, "Want to make it official so you could tell him?" and of course, I said yes, so I guess we're official! Lol!
     I'm hungry. I kinda want to eat something, but I already brushed my teeth. I can't wait to see him tomorrow. Lol. Man, chef is gonna give me beef for the rest of my life! But, it's worth it.
     -Banhzaii (12.13.09)
12/13/2009 11:32:21 pm



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