So I skipped out on my french exam today. Instead, I did french homework and went to turn it in. Madame thought I was taking the test, but I told her that I wasn't going to. After, I just went to study for Trig. I think I did alright on the trig exam. Hopefully. I knew a lot more of the material than usual.
     I hung out with Tiff for a bit. We were going to get some Crepes, but I figured that there wasn't enough time so we sat outside of Tartini's and chatted. Good times, good times.
     I hung out with Blake for a little when I got to school. I got there pretty early actually. We went to the library and just chilled. It was nice. Lol. Anyways, we made Peanut Butter Cookies, Brownies and Sour Cream Coffee Cake. Yum! lol. I had to redo my cookies because I over baked them... Now they're crispy and dry. But still tasty! I have a confession to make. There's a cute guy in the morning culinary fall class. He looked at me as I walked by him. Super cute! Lol.
     After class, I took Carlos to the phone store, to WC Campbell and to pizza night! He met the guys. Lol. OMG. Mountain Mike's was so crowded! We got the pizza togo and went to my house. We also watched Dirty Jobs. Hecka funny. After, I drove Carlos home. We had such a deep convo. No! I'm not into Carlos, he basically has a girlfriend. Lol. But yea, deep deep convo.
     Anyways, now I'm here. I'm thinking about sleeping early so I can wake up at 5 AM to register for classes. Dang... 5 AM. Fuck My Life. The good thing is, I might be able to talk to Blake or something that early. The bad thing, I also need to study for my French Oral Exam. I'm nervous for it because I haven't studied at ALL! Ughh.... FML!

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