We made decorated our carrot cake and made chiffon cake yesterday. I need to really work on my icing/frosting technique... Class felt slow but time flew by quickly! Chef Stephany was our chef today.
     After class I headed home, dropped off the carrot cake and showered. Then I headed over to Darren's house. When I got there, Wilson and Darren were playing water pong. After their game, Wilson and I battled it out against Kelly and Amanda Berryhill. We won 2 games and lost the last. Then Kenny and Darren went against them, they magically won! Haha. Friken hustlers! But yea, Waterpong was fun! After, we enjoyed a few slices of pizza. Yes, I'm a fatty, then we payed rockband. By the end of the night, my voice was shot so I had to rest it for a bit. I think the guys like Blake. They keep screaming his name. LOL!
     So today was full of cleaning. I cleaned my room, cleaned my parents room and sorta cleaned their bathroom. Then I de-cluttered the halls and just tried to make everything look as pretty as possible. Eugene came over. We had a heart to heart talk.
     To my so called "friends": I also got a call from Wilson Yu... Let's just say, now I know what my "friends" talk about when I'm not around. This is why I know for a fact that we wont be friends in the future. And if, for some crazy reason, I end up being friends with them, I'm going to make damn sure that I cut connections with them. I don't want to be around a group of people who are so judgemental. This is also why I don't have many friends who are girls... If it pisses me off even more, I'll actually rant about them in future blogs, but right now, I can't even look them in the eyes...
     To the rockband group: Sorry if I seem to be angry at you guys. I'm not. I'm not trying to avoid you guys or anything either. I didn't mean to skip out on Christmas In The Parks! I really wanted to go but I didn't know that it'd be on thursday instead of friday. If I wanted to, I would've gone to Ihop also! But my parents told me to get home at a certain time and I was still up in the hills... ANYWAYS! I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't want to hang out with you or if I was avoiding you guys, I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH and I would never do that!

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