ServSafe was the same 'ol, same 'ol. In class we made caramel paste and after we baked it off, we shaped it into any shape or design we wanted. I like using caramel rather than tuile because it's easier to form and to reheat. I really want to practice my tuiles though, forsure, I want to get really good at these 2. We also made some pretty cool Hazelnut caramel drips. I don't know the name of it, but basically, you carameliza sugar, take a hazelnut and put it on a skewer, then dip it in the caramel several times. Then, you hang it off the side of the table, using tape to secure it down. Pretty cool! It starts to drip, then leaves a really nice carmelized sugar strand, which eventually you'll cut to the desired length. I saved a bunch of mines so I can use it to plate tomorrow. It adds height and color to the plate.
     After class, I was about to go home to practice Tuiles and Caramel, but then Blake and Em texted/called me asking if I wanted to go to Chipotle's with them. Of course I said yes, who doesn't like Chipotle's?! (Ahem... Wilson...) Anyways, I met up with them and we stayed there for HOURS! Lol. We just talked and talked, mainly about the 2 pests in our lives... After a few hours, we went to Jamba Juice and stayed there for another good hour or two just talking again. then we went back to the appartment so I could get the sheetpan, then I went home.
     What a fun, interesting, yet tiring night... Bed time!

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