I woke up at 10 and didn't really do much. I had eggs and and English muffin for breakfast though! I left around 12ish so I could go to the Payroll building to get a new ID card. Idiotically, I got lost and took like 10 different turns. Eventually I was like, "Okay... I know I'm going the wrong way and if I keep going, imma get lost." So I turned around and finally found my way to the building. (finally). The guy immediately printed up my ID card and I was out in less than 10 minutes.
      I was so freaked out about being late for work, in the end though, I was extremely early... Anyways, when I got to work, I began with dipping chocolate, counting leftover pastries (and snatching a few for myself) and doing Peppoli’s stuff. Super chill day today. I was extremely tired for some reason though. Like, halfway through, I was so drained that I was walking all sluggish and everything. By the end of the night though, I regained all my energy back. We had a party of 70 today. That’s actually pretty small. We had a circle plate with crème anglaise and chocolate sauce on it, then we put on a tart with chocolate filling, then a scoop of almond ice cream with a mint leaf. Super simple and super quick. After that was over, it was just cleaning up. By the time it was 9 though, we all ran out of things to do so we just kind of stood around and chatted until it was 9:30.
     So yeaa, now I’m back at the apartment. Work at 11 tomorrow! Ughh… Work is gonna make me fat! I ate nonstop today. Gahh. Okay, I shall try to refrain myself tomorrow. I’ll munch on an apple if I have to. I should just bring in a muzzle or something. LOL!

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