Today was so much fun! Despite the fact that Timmy's brother, Teodore, tried to score on me and that the animals looked misreable, I still had an awesome day.
     Around 10, I went over to Timmy's place and hung out there till 12/1ish hanging out with Him and his 2 adorable brothers. They're really funny. They were showing me random music videos on Youtube. Kids these days... I also met Timmy's grandparents. I fail at speaking viet...
     As we were leaving, we went to Verde for a little snack on the way. The wait is so. friggen. long... But I got to spend more time with Timmy <3 kekeke.
     SF Bound! The Zoo was pretty enjoyable I must say. Poor animals though, they looked terrible! A lot of the exhibits were gone or closed.. lame. But the Penguin and the Giraffe exhibit were both open. Those are what really really matters. Keke. So beautifulll <3.
     Apres, we went to the store to check everything out. Timmy bought me this little mini stuffed giraffe in a bag that said "Awesome" on it. So cute! I put it right next to my Tofu. It's name is Timmy! Keke.
    After that, we just went cruising for a bit. Eventually, we decided to go to the pier. When we got to Pier 39, I introduced Timmy to the sourdough factory. He ordered clam chowder and I got the rustic tomato soup. Yum yum!
     On the way home, there was a friggen over turned car in the middle of the freeway. Teenage drivers... facepalm. Oh wells. Timmy came over and we enjoyed some extremely sweet cupcakes from Sprinkles. Nomnom! I drove him home afterwards and waited until Darren came by to pick up paperwork and stuff. I was supposed to go light painting but Darren took too long to come over. By then, it was too late at night. I ended up just downloading a bunch of new music. Yay!
     I'm finally done blogging for the day! I forgot my camera cable at PB so I can't upload any pics... fail.

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