I thought blogs and stuff were for happy-go-lucky ideas and hidden lives. But truly, it's the opposite. I always read into those blogs of the super happy people and it's always something negative. Something bad always has to happen every single day. Why can't we let those negative thoughts leave our minds and look at the brighter side of life? I used to hate looking for that silver lining, because I thought that I'd be struck by lighting in the end. I used to always see myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. But if you envision yourselves into those situations, the negative ones that is, then where does that get you in life? No where.
     Look on the bright side of things. Notice the little things in life because that is what truly gives me inspiration to be happy. Chillin with friends. Acing a test. Doing Volunteer work. Baking. Music. Jellyfish. Strawberries. Giraffes. Family. Those are the good things in my life... that I can think of.
     I admit that I have those off days where I'm just pissing shit on the world, where I feel as though everyone has a conspiracy against me. But how often is that for me? Maybe once in a blue moon I would say.
     Be Positive. Think Positive.

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