SO! I woke up at 9 with Timmy by my side <3 keke. I didn't really do much. I downloaded a bunch of music plus updated my blog! Around 1ish, My family and I went out to TK Noodo for lunch. Ahh... Asian Food, I've missed you so <3.
    Apres, I went home and showered, then Shian came over and we went to the Standford Shopping Center to hang out. It's so beautiful there! So, we just kind of walked around for the longest time, then we went to Macys and tried on dresses. (Look at the previous post below for pictures). Then we went to California Pizza Kitchen for some expensive pizza. Then, SPRINKLES! Nomnom.
     Shian was telling me about how awesome the Double Tree cookies were so we swung by double tree to buy some cookies. Ahh, Love. We chilled at my place for a little, then she left and I took a little nap.
     For dinner, I had fried rice, salmon soup and lettuce. Nomnom! Lol. I then got ready and headed over to Kim's place. We chilled at her place for a little, then we went to the swings to talk some more. We stayed there for about half an hour until it started to get cold. We had hot coco plus derricious pocky sticks at her place while talking some more.
     I left around 9:30 though so her and her family can have dinner together. Now I'm at home being a fatty. I've indulged myself in 1 double tree cookie. I'm so full!!! Gahh. I need to stop being a fattyy...

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