-Chill day with Roberto, Ana and Katie. I made some creme brulee, bread pudding, make a blueberry cake with Roberto. I got to cut, fill, and decorate everything! I got too scared to put the chocolate writing, so Roberto did it for me.
-Towards the end of my shift, Roy's was missing a bunch of cookies, so I stayed another hour to try and finish everything. We also churned some Vanilla Ice Cream. Katie accidentally churned it so much that there were butter chunks in them. LoL! But it's better than nothing. It doesn't even taste like butter anyways.

-SUPER chill day. It started off at 8 with Megan. She immediately let me churn vanilla ice cream, make a raspberry swirl ice cream, white chocolate gelato, raspberry gelato, and coconut ice cream. That took up soooo much time. When I finished, I had about 2 hours left in my shift. Megan left by then, so it was just Anna and I. I literally had nothing to do. I kinda walked around, did some birthday plates, make some biscotti, and help scale for chocolate ganache. Oh yea! I also bought a crap load of sunflowers! So beautiful! Super cheap too! It's for my mommmaaa <3
-When I got back to the apartment, I did some flower arranging and waiting for the roomies to come home.
-Shopping @Ross for clubbing tonight! I bought this cute black button down dress and black boots.
-Clubbing around 10ish. I met up with Katie and her 2 friends. I also met her extremely tall boyfriend. Lol! When we got to the club, we waited for a little, then they let us in. Only $7, not bad! The club was tiny, music sucked, no one else but us danced... Other than that, we were in good company. We decided to bail about 2 hours later and run over to Denny's for a late night snack instead. Nomnom. I got the zesty nachos, and an oreo blaster. I also split half of a turkey sandwich with Katie. We got home around 1ish...
-Whoo! End of my 11 day workweek! Pretty chill day at work. I did all the stuff for Peppoli's.
-When I got back to the apartment, I packed my car, showered, microwaved my zesty nachos and headed home. <3
-I met up with the guys at Hidden Lake, then they came over to help me unload and stuff. We chilled around for a bit, then went to Darren's place. Momma Toy bought me some cheese balls! <3 We met up with Alan, then headed out to sweethearts.
-After meeting up with Eugene for a bit, we went to do a surprise attack on Timmy at work, then we just went to our hangout spot and stayed there till 12ish.
-Cotillion Practice! My feet were in so much pain. We reviewed Waltz, and went over some of the choreo for salsa. Funfun.
-Got driven around by Jen.
-When I got home, I chilled around, then went to the Dollar Tree to buy balloons. Guess who I saw? John Pasucal!!! Omg! He works there so he helped me blow up like 9 balloons, then he rang me up and gave me a discount. Sweet!
-Remi and Wayne's pool party! Pretty funn. I swam with Shian, Chen and Calvin. I didn't swim for long though, I didn't put on sunblock so I didn't want to get dark.
-We left about 2 hours later.
-I went home, showered, then waited till Shian came over. We bought some pizza for my brothers, then went to Albert's potluck #2.
-Pretty fun, we watched Valentines Day, some scary thai movie, and Don't Mess with the Zohan. I left around 12 AM while they were in the middle of Zohan.
-I got a frightened awakening from Clover at 7:30 as Timmy climbed on the roof to my window... once again.
-Stupid Timmy... He confessed that he didn't love me anymore, and so I believed him, but I made him open his gifts first. He made me cry, but in the end, he was joking.. like always. grr.
-Babe helped me chauffer my brother and grandma around.
-Crepes at Barcode! I love how we always get one savory and one sweet and split it. Delish!
- Great Mall! Thank you for buying those flats pour moi. I feel bad. Stop spending money on me!
-After Timmy left for work, I took a mini nap at home, then met up with Shian.
-We went to Sweethearts and talked, walked around, then went to the Carnival at the Great Mall. It was still pretty bright out so we just walked around in the mall for a bit. I bought new body cream, body wash, and purfume at Bath and Body works. Yesh! I needed some body cream anyways... it was just on sale, so pourquoi pas?
-Carnival! I bought tickets for 4 rides. The first ride we went one was kind of like a drop zone type ride. Then I went on this super spinny one which made me dizzy like hell. Then I decided that I wanted to take my brothers to the carnival, so we drove home, got my brothers and came back.
- I bought them some tickets also and we went on this Centerfuge-like ride. No bad. I watched my brothers go on the drop zone like one and then I was going to put them on this other ride and spins around, but the guy said that they needed 4 people, so Shian and I just went on. Not bad, I got dizzy though. My bros had one more ride to go, but they were so dizzy that we just decided to go home. Blahh motion sickness </3

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