I got the whole morning to myself today. I blasted the music and danced around in my pjs. Thanks to Timmy, he kept me company all morning till it was time for work.
     11 o'clock on the dot! i got to work and I began helping out with the wedding cake again. I helped make white chocolate fans.. tons of it! Lol. In between making chocolate fans, I made peach cobbler and learned how to use the ginormous ice cream machine. Around 4, I was forced to take a break, so Katie, Megan and I had lunch together. Katie asked about Timmy, so I couldn't help but smile. Kekeke,
      After break, I went back to chocolate fans. Katie also helped me out with the chocolate fans. When we finished our shift, the 4 tier wedding cake was almost covered entirely by those chocolate fans.
     Anyways, now I'm home, watching a movie with my roomies. The movie is kind of like The Oddessy, but in a different version. This funny is pretty funnyyy. Lol! Anyways, I want to shower, but I don't want to miss out on the movie! Lol. Blahhhh

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