I haven't blogged much. My life isn't that interesting to read. I've come across the flu/fever/cold recently so I am currently trying to fight through it. I really wish I had some OJ and Soup, unfortunately, I have neither, but I must bare with what I have. 
     So yesterday, I got really sick. When I got home, babe made me sleep. I slept for about 6 hours, although I kept waking up or tossing and turning. Dry/sore throat, sniffles, coughs, fever. Bleh. So yeahh, I just stayed in bed the entire time and slept with Babe. At 10, Babe left. I was going to go back to sleep, but I needed to study. I ended up just doing some math homework. Around 12, I took 2 nyquils and knocked out till 7. 13 hours of sleep!
     I have no Idea how I made it to school. I still felt doped up and out of it, but somehow I managed. Math class was Ehh.. After Math, I went straight to the library and began to vigorously study. Did I mention that my voice was completely gone? Anywho, Clare came and studied accounting with me. Shortly after, Pats, Darren, Albert and Vince came. 
     At 11, I had my accounting midterm. I think I did fairly well on it. I'm hoping that I did well... I feel like I did better this time than the last midterm. Not to the point of getting 100%, but enough to be able to drop the midterm I took last. I finished my midterm in an hour, then I went back to the library to prep for my inclass essay.
     I basically wrote my essay on post it notes and stuck it in my book. Lol! When I took my in class essay, I got 3 paragraphs down. Only my last body paragraph plus the conclusion and I'm done! Yaya! I hope I do much better on this essay! I'm definitely more prepared. 
     Now I'm home. I think I'll go catch up on math hw. Math midterm on Thursday! I can't believe finals are next week! WINTER BREAK afterwards. Yay! Anyways. HOMEWORK timeeee

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