-Ate at Subway for dinner. 
-Supersmash party at Alex N's house with Alex, Vince, Timmy and I. Plus Alan

-SenDai with Jenjen
-Learned to drive stick. Got to thirdgear!
-I got to pick up Allyson in Jen's car. Keke
-Went to Sierra to stargaze and talk. <3
-Met up with Jen's guys. Went to Marshroad. So funny yet somewhat scary
-Jenjen Drifted! It was fun yet also scary. 
-Back to Sierra <3. Saw remnants of a proposal "Be My GF?" In GlowSticks. It was so cute! Sighh, memories :D
-Nightmare on Elm Street with Rochelle, Jen, Axell, and Chris. HELLA SCARYYY. I didn't want to sleep no matter how tiring that movie made me feel...
-Talked to babe, then KO'd. 
-Surprise Visit from Babe at school!
-Lunch with Timmy's 2 friends. Double Date at Chipotle!
-Went home and KO'd for 5 hours
-Talked to the BF for a bit, then KO'd again

-Did some homework
-Went Bowling at 9:30 with Bob, Akash, David, Alex N, and Erie. 
-Surprise Visit from Babe! 
-Drove Erie home

-ColorBelt test! Little Dragons are so cute!
-Pepper lunch with Kim and Jenann <3 I missed them so much!
-Drove Kim home. Talked to Jenann, Randy, Kat and Allan Dale outside of the studio. It's so nice catching up with everyone. 
-Band Competition at James Logan Highschool in Union City. Good job Band!
-Went home around 10ish, chilled at the HS till 11
-FT date with the bf <33

-Lunch at China Chen with the family
-Did some hw
-Napped for 2 hours
-Dinner; Steak!
-More hw
-Cleaned room and updated music and such.


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