Let's see. Around 5, I went to the Cupertino Starbucks to meet up with Shivani and Jimmy. At first it was just Jimmy and I. We talked and talked and then Shivani FINALLY showed up about an hour later than she planned. Lol! After that, we just talked for a good hour and parted ways. I don't want school to start!
     After, I came back to Milpitas and picked up Albert, then I headed towards the theaters. It was super crowded! We met up with Darren, Wilson, Maggie and Allyson. We were a few minutes late but we found an empty row for ourselves (at the middle walkway aisle area..) Thank you Albert for paying by the way. The movie was just as good the second time! Although, everything was predictable...
     After the movie, we all headed out to Chilis. Alan and Alex Tu joined us later on. It was a pretty fun night overall; chill and super filling. I wish there were more things to do in Milpitas though. After dinner, we all went outside to vandalize Alex Tu's Camry (Without the other ladies of course, they had previous left). We all drew Penis' around his car. Lol. I was getting quite chilly and tired so I decided to go home.
     So now, I'm about to head off to bed soon. I'm super full though. Blake is sick right now so I told him to go to sleep early. So yea.. Good news is, he's coming back tomorrow! Probably at nightish, but yea. I told him that I'd go feed him some (canned) cream of chicken. I'll also throw in his favorite pomegrante juice. I hope he gets better though, maybe I'll see him tomorrow night, or Sunday morning, Je ne sais pas. I just miss him oh-so much.

Darren: lol i has an angry penis >8=D
Blake: Sorry to tell you, but the =D distracts the eye and that's all i
           really see :( but its good
Darren: my penis an angry blake!
Blake: Alright, it is angry
Darren: nooo my penis is very angry... like it catch on fire
Blake: That must really hurt, you might want to get that checked
Darren: my penis is angry! tickle it and make it happy blake
Blake: Darren, that's a little far. I don't role that way, sorry
Darren: make my penis sneeze!
Blake: No thanks. Go find a whore
Wow Darren... just wow. Lol
     My day has been busy! I've been getting texts and calls from a lot of people. Lol. I went to TRMS to pick up my brothers. Omg, little children attacking me for money!
     After, I met up with Jimmy at Starbucks near De Anza so we could carpool to the Cupertino library, which is surprisingly super close! Lol. Pretty fun. Shivani and Asher were both there. Asher interviewed me for a class paper thing and he asked about my hertiage and reigion and stuff. After he left Shivani, Jimmy and I tried to study but we didn't really do much. We ended up just talking about personal things and stuff. Lol.
     After Shivani left, Jimmy and I went to Valleyfair to bye gifts and stuff. I was looking for something for Blake but I couldn't think of anything to get him. We ended up walking around, eating dinner and going into stores to look for things. Both of us ended up not getting anything though so yea. It's all good. I get another point! So I paid for dinner and Jimmy felt so embarassed so he went and bought me a drink. Then I told him I was allergic to mangoes and he totally believed me! He was about to go exhange the drink for something else. Buahah! 3-1 baby! Woot woot! Lol.
     So now, I think I should clean. I have a bunch of things to do right now. Tomorrow is the holiday parade! I want to go to support! But I also want to go with Blake. I'm going to ask him if he's free in the morning so we could go. I not... I'll find someone to go with? Iono.