you could be such a jerk sometimes. 

You should know how it feels like to put in hella effort for a friendship to blossom, yet you always fail to disregard me. 

You come to me for your problems, and I help you out. I give you my point of view. I listen. I never judge you. And when you ask for my help and opinions, I tell you. I tell you what to do, or what you should do, yet you NEVER listen to me. Why do you even come to me in the first place?

I know I do hella shit for people; people who I truly care about. I thought that you would’ve realize how much effort I put into our friendship.. but I guess you’re just like the others. 

I’m sick and tired of doing shit for people who don’t reciprocate the same back in return. What’s the fkn point? You made me really question my beliefs on karma… 

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