I had brunch with the family. Steak for lunch!

Picked up Jon and headed over to Kimmie's house. I learn so much from both of them. We also went to Home Depot to look for paint samples and such. I also learned that with Behr, they have these colorful paper samples that can be used as note cards AND they come with a ring while also, it's pre hole punched. I'm so gonna go there when I need note cards. Hehe. 

Dropped off Kim, Dropped off Jon, went home. Talked to Bob. Bob came over and helped me pack up and empty my room. My room is literally empty, besides a chair, my bed and my TV.. Yeappp. I took Bob out to TK noodo as a treat, then he bought me some pearl drinks and taught me how to sign. 

When I got back home and finished the last minute packing and moving, I asked my dad what to buy, and we got into a little argument. He wanted to just paint on tuesday instead of monday. So I was a little frustrated bc i made plans on tuesday. But now I realize that I can easily switch the days, so it's not such a big deal anymore. So tomorrow I'll talk to them about it and we'll paint on Tuesday, hopefully. 

So we finished and got the closet all empty and stuff. Then Darren came over. So we all chilled; Darren, Bob and I. They didn't stay for long though, I kicked them out about 20 mins later.. But then realized that they're still standing outside my house talking for the past 30 mins... weirdos. Haha.

Thank you so much for your Help bob! You are awesomeee. And thanks for your Gift darren! I absolutely Love it!!! 

PS. To you:
     I know you're going on your trip. I really hope you have an amazing time. Clear your mind, let it free on the slopes. I know you wont respond to me, but I hope you have a great time anyways. I'll keep myself busy in the meantime. Stay safe babe. I love you and I miss you! But really, enjoy yourself, don't let anything in the past couple of days effect you, okay?

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