I'll say it here.

My thoughts on you:
You're very much into yourself. I feel as though that you can talk to me about anything, but I can't talk back to you, only because your focus is mainly on yourself. Conversations always turn back to you when the spotlight finally hits me. Don't get me wrong, I love you as a person.. but I just hate that you're always trying to promote yourself in some way, shape or form. What I mean is that you're an attention whore. Some people are like that, but in a good way; they include everyone in their spotlight but keep the laughter and convos going. But you, meh, I don't know. You steal the spotlight and you don't share. You don't talk or try to talk to anyone but your friends. You don't really seem to try and make new friends unless they are introduced to you.

Ont of my bigger pet peeves are people who are nosy. Sorry, but you're a nosy person. You always like to know people's business. I hate that you always butt into a conversation that I'm trying to have with someone else. Leave me alone please. If I wanted you to join a convo, I would have included you. Gahhhh. 

I dunnoo. I feel bad for typing this out, but I had to. You're definitely a nice person; full of life and energy. Maybe I'm wrong about all I said about you. I dunno. But this is my personal opinion. It's not even worth bringing up and talking to you about it. Unnecessary drama. You'll probably just say that I'm jealous and whatnot. But no, I'm not jealous. I'm just annoyed. 

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