These Past couple of days have been pretty crazy and busy! Quickie recap?

Tuesday (12/28/10):
-Paint, Paint, Paint. 
-Went to Alan's for Epic Meal Time cooking night
-Slept in the living room

Wednesday (12/29/10):
-Babe visited at 4 AM... Yeah, I know..
-Went to KJN and Jen's house with Kim and Jenann.
-Yummmm, sushi/bento box. 
-Talked/gift exchange/games
-Sat in traffic for about 2 hours. Went to Nikko's house and crashed on the BF's bed for about an hour. 
-Babe came over and helped put together the curtains and stuff. Pho with the bf for dinner. Nom nom!
-Back to my place, chilled && KO'd

Thursday (12/30/10):
-Woke up and began moving furniture around with the bros and Babe.
-Cup o Noodo for lunch. 
-Finished moving stuff by 5 or 6ish... we were all drained by then. 
-CLUBBING with Shian, Thoa, Kenny, Darren, Wilson, Xander, Vince, Perry, Timmy, and Alan. The first club that we went to, the security guard was a douche and kicked us to the back of the line, so we ditched and found another club. Pretty funn. Sorry babe >_<
-Denny's for Breakfast. Nomnom, zesty nachos. 
-Went home around 4AM, Timmy spent the night again. 
Photo Credit: Shian
Friday (12/31/10):
-Woke up, went out to eat pho with the family. Babe slept in for a while, then left.
-Cleaned the new room.
-Cousin's house around 8ish.
-Chatted with Shian, watched part of John Tucker Must Die
-Babes came over. We did the countdown and shared a kiss. Keke.

Saturday (1/1/11)
-Went to one of Timmy's friend's house party with Shian, Lorraine&Steven, and Brian. Drunk kids everywhere! So funny. 
-Nikko's house to chill and eat food. Dropped off Shian.
-Mountain run!
-Went home around 3AM. Spent the night with babe again. 3 times in a row!
-Pho with the family
-Cleaned room
-Picked up some pizza from babe at Little Ceasers. 
-Cousin's party. Stayed for an hour, then ditched.
-Cleaned room/shower. 
-Darren's house. CRANUIM with Darren, Wilson, Kenny, Perry, Alan, Xander, Albert, Alex, Eugene, Timmy, and Shian.
-Eugene gots me a scarf! THANK YOU. 
-Home. KO

Sunday (1/2/11)
-Woke up, China Chen with the family.
-Best buys with the bros. Spent so much money on games and stuff...
-Went home and cleanedddd. It's finally clean and done! (besides some extra organizing and stuff)

I'm so tired of cleaning! My brain is slightly fried. School starts tomorrow. Blehh. There's still a lot to do with my room, but for now, everything is put away. 
So Pats and I began our day by meeting up and going to the Box Office to get some business settled.. sadly, we were immediately shot down. JERKS… W/e. I conditioned myself to believe that it’s okay, and it was worth a try. 

So I went over to Pat’s for a bit, then we went to Sabrina’s to get Sabrina fitted into gear and stuff. I got to play with Chewy! Chewy loves me! Lol. 

After, we went out to this Korean Restaurant for lunch. Our waiter was named Andrew and Pats has a crush on him. Lol! He’s kind of.. awkward. He listened into our convos! 0_o

After lunch, I swung by home to pick up stuff, then back to Pat’s house. After Patty and Sabrina left for work, I went to Target, then swung back around to pick up my friends; Diane, Biance, and Daniel. Keke.

We went to Vfair, and bought a hello kitty car shade. I also bought Diane’s NF Backpack! :D. We were gonna buy more things, but we literally couldn’t find anything else that would suit Patty. We ended up deciding to go to The Tech Museum to find a kite… Fail. So yeahh, we went back to the car and chilled and waited for Pats to come and find me, with Sabrina. 

Our final plan were to have the sibs hide in the parking garage, I go down to see Pats and Sabrina, go back up b/c I “forgot my wallet”. Then SURPRISE!

When they finally found me, Patty was so angry! Lololololol. So I went through with the Plan and Patty was speechless. She knew it was coming, but that’s b/c she’s hella lame like that -_-. PATTY LOVED THE GIFTS! Lol. 

So Yeah! After that surprise, we had to run across the street in order to get back to Pat’s car and to drop off Diane and Bianca. Patty…. dropped her keys.. in the middle of the street. No joke. 2 cars ran over them. LAWLS! Daniel retrieved them safely though.

After dropping off Diane and Bianca, we wanted to catch a showing of Little Fockers, but we missed it by a few mins. So instead, we drove around for a long ass time, telling hella funny stories. We ended up going to Chipotle, and having dinner. 

POWELLS RUN! Pats sped over to Los Gatos and we sprinted to the Candy store 1 minute before they closed! They let us in. I got so many sour belts! Ahh heaven. It cost me lesss than $5 too! Sweet deal!

After that, we all went to see the Fantasy of Lights show. OMGAHH, so beautiful! $15 well spent. Then, we got back to xmas in the parks, picked up Diane and Bianca, then I got dropped off at my car. I drove Sabrina home and now I’m at home.

Such a crazy day. I feel like we’ve gone through so many different emotions, it’s quite amazing! Lol. So fun, so spontaneous. I’m so glad we didn’t watch a movie, this beats movie any day.



I've been having this weeirddd sleep schedule lately. Sleep late, wake up early. Today, I slept at 3AM-ish and I woke up around 8. How weird right? Maybe it's  all the anxiety or the adrenaline. at 3am though, I had so much energy. I felt like I was on a sugar rush or something. Also, My knee hurted like a beezy, and it still does. I'm limping everywhere I go. Maybe I'll ask pats to borrow Diane's crutches for the day. I'd be so cool. 

NOW I'm getting kinda tired. I showered though, so my hair is all wet. Maybe I'll just lay down.. or something.
I had brunch with the family. Steak for lunch!

Picked up Jon and headed over to Kimmie's house. I learn so much from both of them. We also went to Home Depot to look for paint samples and such. I also learned that with Behr, they have these colorful paper samples that can be used as note cards AND they come with a ring while also, it's pre hole punched. I'm so gonna go there when I need note cards. Hehe. 

Dropped off Kim, Dropped off Jon, went home. Talked to Bob. Bob came over and helped me pack up and empty my room. My room is literally empty, besides a chair, my bed and my TV.. Yeappp. I took Bob out to TK noodo as a treat, then he bought me some pearl drinks and taught me how to sign. 

When I got back home and finished the last minute packing and moving, I asked my dad what to buy, and we got into a little argument. He wanted to just paint on tuesday instead of monday. So I was a little frustrated bc i made plans on tuesday. But now I realize that I can easily switch the days, so it's not such a big deal anymore. So tomorrow I'll talk to them about it and we'll paint on Tuesday, hopefully. 

So we finished and got the closet all empty and stuff. Then Darren came over. So we all chilled; Darren, Bob and I. They didn't stay for long though, I kicked them out about 20 mins later.. But then realized that they're still standing outside my house talking for the past 30 mins... weirdos. Haha.

Thank you so much for your Help bob! You are awesomeee. And thanks for your Gift darren! I absolutely Love it!!! 

PS. To you:
     I know you're going on your trip. I really hope you have an amazing time. Clear your mind, let it free on the slopes. I know you wont respond to me, but I hope you have a great time anyways. I'll keep myself busy in the meantime. Stay safe babe. I love you and I miss you! But really, enjoy yourself, don't let anything in the past couple of days effect you, okay?



Can I just turn back the clock to that day? 

Honestly, if I knew that this was going to happen, I would have smothered my emotions and not be selfish. 
I feel as though I'm single again. Where I don't have that person I can talk to at the end of my day. I don't like this.

Today was one of the shittiest day of this entire year. I felt alone and unwanted. I felt as though I couldn't talk to anyone about it. I cried to myself many times today. I just want to be able to talk to you, to hear your reassuring voice that everything is okay. I want to smile again. 

I'm not going to lie, I really considered driving my car into a solid brick wall. That's how shitty my day was. 
I just wanted to let you know that, it can still be fixed



No matter how many tantrums my dad threw in the past year to totally destroy my christmas, so far, this one takes the cake. 

"I was going to get you something, but since you were mad at me, I decided not to anymore". For the record, I hate you for that. You know who you are.

Am I not good enough anymore? I wasn't going to say it, but there goes my self-confidence, once again. 

I wanted just one thing... But I guess I don't deserve it. 

I'm fucking crying on Christmas. I can't sleep, for my nose is all stuffed up from being upset. Why are you doing this to me?

And you know what? Our 3 months is 5 days away. I know you're going on that snow trip, so I doubt I'd get to spend it with you... again. I won't be able to talk to you for... oh, about a week? Fuck my life. Fuck this shit. 

My Christmas is ruined. I'm not gonna set any expectations for today. Maybe I'll just loathe, sadly, locking myself up in my room for the entire day. What good's gonna come out of going out anyways? 

I know that you're a complicated person. But, seriously? It's fucking Christmas. It's supposed to be "The most happiest time of the year". Happy my ass...



It's actually driving me quite crazy. This whole not talking thing. Oiy, anxiety attack.. I can't stand it. Shad face. I need to talk to you, I need to hear your voice. 




I'm kind of sad.. hearing about this stuff. Well, it shouldn't concern me, but it still makes me feel blahh anyways. I dunno what to do.. I'm pacing my room back and forth, I'm getting a friggen anxiety attack. I want to go with you, in the off chance that you DO invite me. Which is doubtful. Why? B/c I was away for almost a week without seeing ma famille. I do hope you invite me though. I'd be sad if you didn't, but I would understand. 

I just.. I dunno. I just.. want to be... with you. That's all I'm asking for