Yesterday was so much fun! 

For t1c, we all went out to bowl. I think the head count was about 20. I met a few new people, some where... Lisa, Andrea, Josh, Vance, & Austin (?). Lol. 

So we went in to bowl. I paid for the boyfriend :D. Once we got settled in, Quickly's run with Eranthe, Alex N, and Vance. Mmm Calimari.

Apres, we went back to the alleys, and got ready to bowl. Babe got me about a 67 or so on the 6/7th frame. Not baddd. It was a rough warm up, but the second round was much better. 97! So close to breaking 100. I'm always SO CLOSE! BOO. Lol. It's fun chilling with a bunch of people though. 

After that, we chilled for a bit, then all headed out for a photoshoot. Thanks Bob! So much fun. We took so many pictures. I think I'm gonna like the jumping ones the most. Or maybe the one with Jocelyn, Erie and I.

IN N OUT afterwards. Babe races his supra against Erie's Accord. Of course, the supra won. It was fun still though. Once everyone got there, we all ate food, chatted, chilled. The usual. Then we decided to go on a mountain run, so we met up at Golfland, then moved to Brian's house. 

The guys decided to take 4 cars, some left to go home, and some partnered up. So we all drove off to Old Calaveras, but Bob and Babe went towards Sierra, which I guess was the wrong was. We had to finish that run though. 

Met back up with everyone at the gas station, the redid the run. It was so curvy! I was scared that if I took my eyes off of the road, I'd get carsick. It was fun though. 1 drift from Klassic. Erie was having fun in our car. Lol!

After the mountain run, it was about 2 AM. We chilled, went back to Brian's, then all dispersed and went home.

Fun night. I can't say it was necessarily safe... but it was still fun. 

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