Every since school has begun, I've been pretty busy. Well.. mostly hanging out with Timmy and friends. Lol! Recaps?

-Timmy spent the night and went to school with me. He did his own thing though.
-Stats with Alex N. OMG, Nancy, a girl that I TA'd for in my poli class is in this class. Awkwarddddd.
-Acct1b. I wrote down the wrong class room #.. fail... anyways, Not bad. The teacher is really nice. I talked to 2 new people today. One guy had this teacher last quarter, he said it was a pretty easy class
-Arts 2c. Wrong class room number again... My teacher seems interesting. She reminds me of a hippie though... Lawls
-After 3 hours, I was done for the day. Met up with babe and david and went homeeee. 
-Chipotle for lunch, then shopping. When we finished it was only 2... yeah.
-Went home. Napped. After that, I don't remember what we did.

-School! Took a bunch of notes and stuff.
-Had my read 211 class. My teacher reminds me of the indian girl from the office! OMG. no joke though. She definitely makes class a lot more interesting
-Bought books and school supplies. 
-Went home. Bought more supplies and stuff.
-Napped, then picked up Timmy's sis from gmall and took her home
-5guys for dinner! Burgers are okay, fries are de-lish. 
-Timmy spent the night again

-Timmy stayed home. 
-School. Same 'ol, same 'ol.
-Talked to Pats after school for about an hour or so about sctuff.
-Went home around 12ish. Babe was still sleeping.. Lol! Cutiee.
-Went out to shop,  but didn't find anything. F21 and Target!
-I honestly don't remember what we did the rest of that day

-Came home and waited for babe. 
-Sold books at Half Priced Books. $54? Not baddd. I bought 5 new recipe books, so that killed about $40... lol!
-Harry Potter 7! FINALLYYYYY. <33333 I thought it was a good movie, even though it was just the first part. I can tell that the 2nd part is gonna have hella action in it, since this one didn't have much.
-BAC + T1C. Wingstoppppppp. 
-Mountain run with Josh, Kevin, Nikko, Bob, and a subaru. Funn night. I was exhausted by the end. Didn't get home till 3AM.
-Babe slept overrrr

-School. Carpooled with darren, alex, brian and vince. 
-Got home. Napped with Babe. Babe went to work
-Cleaned room and did some hw.
-Auto Show with Bob and Darren! STI STI STI STI! I wantttttttt. <3
-Iguanas for dinner. Yumm, nacho fries.
-Photoshoot with Bob, darren, nikko, babe, josh and alex. Stayed out till about 3am... Meh. 

-Woke up. Cleaned the bathroom. It's finally clean! Except the tub...
-Did hw and clean my room. 
-Sewed some PJ's and started watching Fringe. 
-Photoshoot with Bob, Erie, Alex, Nikko, TK and Babe in Los Gatos. 
-We only stayed for about an hour or so. 
-Went home. Babe spent the night. We had ramen for dinner. Nom nom.

-Woke up lateeee, rushed to get ready and pick up Brandon and Nicole to go to Chinese school. They ended up being late b/c Nicole forgot her backpack.
-Read for accouting. Went to get some crazy bread from babe. Thanks babe <3
-Took the children home. Now I'm here partially doing hw, blogging and falling asleep. I think I'll take a nap now. Good nights.  

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