Is so weird! It wouldn't let me log in and post stuff. Grr. But now I can finally blog

It's finals week! Not much blogging will occur during those days..

So today, Darren, Kenny and I went to the San Jose Holiday Parade. This is the last one ever! Tear. I actually attended as a spectator instead of a performer for once, so that was nice. We went from 4th street all the way to the beginning of the parade. So much walking! Lol. There were some really great floats and performances. I'm so jealous of the other bands. They get to dance and put tinsel on their instruments. Kaldy didn't even let the marching band this year wear santa hats. Lame! Yeah.. 
     After about 50 floats/performances/bands, the MHS marching band finally arrived. I saw my brother! He's so funny looking. We decided to follow the band throughout their route. That was a lot of fun. Running, running, then stopping to snap some shots. Then more running and more shooting. Lol! When they finished, we ran to them to catch up. I finally found my brother after a frantic search for him (not really, he was just in the bus) and I got DJ to take a pic of us for me with my polaroid. My brother looks so funny.
     After that, we just walked back towards SJSU. We ended up going to La Vics for lunch. I'm such a baller. I used up my cash so now I only have about 50 cents in my wallet. We all walked to my car, and I dropped off Kenny at his dorms. Then I drove Darren home and now I'm home as well.

     I'm thinking of making some cute gingerbread cookies. But I'm not sure.. Actually, I probably will. I need to buy some gingerbread cut outs! I also need icing and stuff, which I'll need to make as well. Okays. Time to shop!

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