I woke up at 8, got ready, went over to Darren's to pick up stuff. Came home, ate breakfast and waited for everyone to come

Once Patty, Daniel, Jessica Lim, and Clare showed up, we ventured off to SF. My first time DRIVING there. Super scary, but still fun. 

First stop: Westfield mall. Didn't do much besides walk around. 

Second stop: Japan town! Lunch at this one place. Shopping at New People. FATLACE!

Third stop: Pier 39 to stalk some bracelet making people. We were unable to find the right one.. Boo! It's all good though

Super fun day. Hella tiring though. Everyone KO'd on the way home. Traffic sucks, didn't get home till 4... Sorry Pats! When I got home, I packed my car with my tools and headed over to Nick's to bake with his momma

Fun fun. She likes my piping skills. Lol! I stayed until 6:40ish. Went home, dropped off my stuff, then went to MHS to meet up with everyone else.

Ami, Darren, Wilson, Akash, Erie, Alex N, Elizabeth Ho, Julia, Maggie, Albert, and Vince all came. XMAS IN THE PARKS! It was fun chilling with everyone. Cold night though. We saw Sharon! Alan also met up with us. So yeahh, we walked around and loitered everywhere. 

I got to bond with Erie more <3. Super fun night. I didn't get home till 11ish. 

I'M SO TIRED. I need to get ready for bed now So I can bake in the morning. Night!

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