Only because I'm out of town. More specifically, Arnold, California. I thought this place was closer to Nevada/Washington. Like, THAT much up north, but in fact, it's actually close to the Stockon area I believe. Anyways. I gotta catch up on my days away.

Day 1-12/18/10
    I woke up and packed. Went to cousin's house to pick up some snow gear. Cleaned momma's car. Shian came over so we talked for a bit, packed the car and headed to get gas and some tapx. Met Kenny, Vince, Xander, Darren, and Albert at Albert's house. 
     Pleasanton bound to pick up Crystal and Vienna. Xander and the 4 girls were in one car while Darren drove the rest of the guys. We followed Albert's family on the way up there. Fun ride up! 
     When we got there, we settled down for a bit then headed to the rec center while Albert's parents cooked us an asian dinner. There's a Sauna, hot tub, swimming pool, pool table, flat screen TV, basketball court and wifi in here! Keke. 
     I had soup and rice for dinner. Vegetarian Dinner win! Lol. We all went swimming afterwards. Crystal is such a beast! Pics up later?
     When we went back to the apartment, we just showered, chilled and talked for a bit then BED. The girls all shared one room. It was nice. We ended up talking till about 1 in the morning. 

Day 2-12/19/10
     We all woke up around 8:30. We had some breakfast and said 'bye' to albert's parents. They're so cool! Lol. Then we went to the National park for a hike. Yeah.. I was so smart that I didn't bring any snow boots. I ended up wearing my blue canvas shoes. My feet were so cold! I felt like it was frozed solid. I was scared that I'd get frostbite, but I was reassured that I wasn't going to have to do that. Yes! Lol. It was a nice, pretty, fun hike. So many... Trees... I ended up getting blisters on my feet, that I didn't feel till after my feet melted a bit. Nastyy. 
     After, I believe we just went to rec center to use the internet/swim/play pool/basketball. We watched a Knight's Tale, but ended up not finishing and going to bed early. We, the girls, talked until 2 that night.

Day 3-12/20/10
     Woke up at 7... FRESH POWDER out the window! It was so beautiful. Got ready, made lunch and didn't leave till 10... We went back in town to rent snow gear, get snow chains (which we ended up not using) and buying lift tickets. By the time we finished and headed to Bear Valley, it was about 2:30, which sucked because the resort closed at 4. So we just boarded on the side for a bit. Such a friggen workout! The ride up was absolutely beautiful though. I felt like I was in Narnia. Keke.
     When we got home, we made pizza for dinner. Nom nom! I don't remember what else we did besides talk. We all decided to sleep early and wake up early to have a full day of boarding/skiing. 

Day 4- 12/21/10
     Woke up at 7, got ready and headed out by 9:00. We got there around 9:30. Yesh! Boarding is so much fun! I wiped out so many times on the bunny slopes. Not gonna lie, but I really need to work on my turns and stay on my dominant side. Also... getting of the lift.. Yeahh. Lol! So Xander, Crystal, Albert, Shian, Darren and I all went down the slopes a bunch of times. Towards our last run before lunch, everyone except Vienna, Shian and I went on the blue slopes. 
     Spam Masubi for dinner! Rice Musubi for me actually. Nom nom. It was flavorless, but filling. We chilled for a bit and dried off.
     On round 2, Vince went in place of Xander. Vienna called quits for the day. Shian, Vince and I went on Bunny slopes for a while. On our last run, Vince and I went on the Blue slopes. It was so scary! All the trails around us were either black or double black... We found a map and decided to go on one blue trail, but it was so cold and snowy that we were forced to turn back around a choose a different path. The ride down wasn't too bad... Vince felll so many times that his skis came loose. That's so baddd. If I get more practice, I'll be able to do blues more better.. eventually. So much fun though. 
     On our ride back, we returned our stuff and went back  to the apartment for some dino nuggets for dinner. Yum! Darren, Vince, Vienna, and Crystal got ready to go home. Tearrr. They didn't go home till 7:30. It's so quiet now!
     We all ended up sleeping together in the living room. We fell asleep to You, Me and Dupree. 

 Day 5-12/22/10
     Such a chill day today. We woke up naturally today and had pasta for lunch. Lol. We didn't leave the apartment till 1. We went to Angels Camp today and into all the Antique shops. After, we bought tickets to TRON. Hell cheap! it was $8.50!! While we waited, we went to eat some ice cream.
     TRON was a good movie, in my opinion. We didn't finish till 6. We went back to the apartment and had pizza for dinner. Now we're in the rec center again. I finally got my blogging done and over with!
     ONE MORE DAY until I get to go home!!! I'm gonna miss this place. It's so beautiful here. OMG. I'm so sore. Sore all over my body. Mehhh. One more day! I think we're leaving at 10 the latest. We'll be back in town by lunchish? I'm exciteddd