So Pats and I began our day by meeting up and going to the Box Office to get some business settled.. sadly, we were immediately shot down. JERKS… W/e. I conditioned myself to believe that it’s okay, and it was worth a try. 

So I went over to Pat’s for a bit, then we went to Sabrina’s to get Sabrina fitted into gear and stuff. I got to play with Chewy! Chewy loves me! Lol. 

After, we went out to this Korean Restaurant for lunch. Our waiter was named Andrew and Pats has a crush on him. Lol! He’s kind of.. awkward. He listened into our convos! 0_o

After lunch, I swung by home to pick up stuff, then back to Pat’s house. After Patty and Sabrina left for work, I went to Target, then swung back around to pick up my friends; Diane, Biance, and Daniel. Keke.

We went to Vfair, and bought a hello kitty car shade. I also bought Diane’s NF Backpack! :D. We were gonna buy more things, but we literally couldn’t find anything else that would suit Patty. We ended up deciding to go to The Tech Museum to find a kite… Fail. So yeahh, we went back to the car and chilled and waited for Pats to come and find me, with Sabrina. 

Our final plan were to have the sibs hide in the parking garage, I go down to see Pats and Sabrina, go back up b/c I “forgot my wallet”. Then SURPRISE!

When they finally found me, Patty was so angry! Lololololol. So I went through with the Plan and Patty was speechless. She knew it was coming, but that’s b/c she’s hella lame like that -_-. PATTY LOVED THE GIFTS! Lol. 

So Yeah! After that surprise, we had to run across the street in order to get back to Pat’s car and to drop off Diane and Bianca. Patty…. dropped her keys.. in the middle of the street. No joke. 2 cars ran over them. LAWLS! Daniel retrieved them safely though.

After dropping off Diane and Bianca, we wanted to catch a showing of Little Fockers, but we missed it by a few mins. So instead, we drove around for a long ass time, telling hella funny stories. We ended up going to Chipotle, and having dinner. 

POWELLS RUN! Pats sped over to Los Gatos and we sprinted to the Candy store 1 minute before they closed! They let us in. I got so many sour belts! Ahh heaven. It cost me lesss than $5 too! Sweet deal!

After that, we all went to see the Fantasy of Lights show. OMGAHH, so beautiful! $15 well spent. Then, we got back to xmas in the parks, picked up Diane and Bianca, then I got dropped off at my car. I drove Sabrina home and now I’m at home.

Such a crazy day. I feel like we’ve gone through so many different emotions, it’s quite amazing! Lol. So fun, so spontaneous. I’m so glad we didn’t watch a movie, this beats movie any day.