In the slight chance of you finding this and reading this, I'm going to write you a cheat sheet of things to do to make me feel better. I don't want to post it on tumblr, b/c it's not like people would care anyways. 

1. Chase after me, no matter how long it takes. For you, you might not be the type to chase after me; you're the person who'd let me go and relax and chill, then talk to me. But no. If you truly want me to forgive you right away, chase after me. I might walk away from you, but be persistant. It just truly shows me that you honestly care about myself and my well being. 

2. I've never gotten flowers before. Ever. Get me a flower, or 3 and you'd make me smile and blush so much. As for the type of flower, that's for you to find out. Only one person knows the answer to that. Nonetheless, I've never gotten flowers before, so I'm not too picky. 

3. When I cry, comfort me. You already do that, so kudos to you.

4. When I ask to hang out, just do it. If I didn't want to hang out with you, I wouldn't have made the effort to call you up and to hear your voice just so in return I could hear a "no". It makes me cry a lot when you do that... Just saying. 

5. Surprises. Be at my house when I least expect it. Leave me little notes. Little things like that makes my heart melt. You know it. 

 honestly, just little things like that will make me smile again. I don't want big gifts, I just want your presence. As long as you do the first one, you don't have to worry about the other stuff. I'm a simple person. Keep it simple please <3

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