It's 9 in the morning right now. I'll blog about my day yesterday then... since I basically was out all night.
     At school, we made carrot cake and we finished off our Devil's Food Cake. OMG! So Much CHOCOLATE. Chef made us do a ganuche to go with it. So we made ganauche, chilled it, took our cake and frosted the inside with ganuche, put the top layer on, then frost it with more gaunache all around. freeze the cake, take the gaunache and turn it into glaze (by heating it and adding some honey and a splash of milk), then glaze the cake so it's all shiny, then take the tempered chocolte shapes from yesterday and decorated the cake with it, take some ganauche and pipe rosettes on a sheet pan, freeze it, take it out,  dust it with cocoa powder, put it on the cake and VOILA! C'est Fini. Lol. It's a lot huh? Omg, I was runing on sugar that whole time doing it. I messed up on my glaze! I didn't work fast enough... But I covered it up with the tempered chocolate. Lol. Hehe...
      After class, Amanda came with me to karate to drop off my super chocolatey cake. Everyone was amazed! Lol. After, we went to Geoff's place. Apparently his roomate, Brent, thinks I'm "gorgeous". LoL! It's funny because when I met him the other day I just said HI and BYE. That was it. According to Geoff, "he left all awkwardly and everything". Haha. It's only because I'm asian.
     Anyways, at Geoff's we watched TV and tried some of his Consumee. Yum! Even though it's only broth, it tasted pretty good. We watched this show, I think it was called Salon Takeover or something like that. Basically, these people have salons that suck balls and this european lady comes and whips them into shape. Hecka interesting!
     Around 11ish, I dropped off Amanda and headed home. I stayed up till 1ish cleaning the house. Lol, I wasn't tired so I was talking Blake and cleaning at the same time. My grandma's work table is now clean(er).
     So I woke up at 8:30 and finished cleaning my grandma's table. Then I sorta re-organized her bathroom. What to do... my mom's bathroom? My room? My brother's room? Too much to clean! It's almost 10! Lol, BYE!

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