I woke up early for ServSafe... Then had class, we made Bread Pudding and Panna Cotta. Not much happened in class. I was really drained so I wasn't really working too fast...
     After class, I went to Blake's pad. It's our first monthaversary! He made spaghetti (with a bunch of mushrooms) and garlic bread. Yum! Lol. We had a nice, peaceful candle light dinner; It was delicious and priceless. Apres, we went to Santana Row to catch a movie. Blake prepaid for tickets; we watched Avatar 3D! So Good! At first, I was kinda dizzy, but I stuck it through and I didn't get dizzy anymore after that. It was a fun night overall. Tres Romantic, J'aime Blake! lol. We didn't spend much time after the movie, since it was already 10. So I dropped him off and now I'm at home. Sleep time!

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