Yes yes, I know, I missed 2 days worth of blogging and I apologize, but HEY! I can't help it, I get home super late sometimes, so late that I'd rather sleep than blog because waking up early sucks a lot... But anyways...
     Thursday, I didn't blog because I was out playing rockband with Kenny and Darren. By the time I got home, which was around 10, I started to work on my Pate a Choux for Friday. After I got it all chocolate coated and stuff, I decided to work on my chocolate piping. You see, at PCI the day before, we made strawberry shortcake and I was extreemly unhappy with the outcome of the cake. I felt very mediocre and now I was going to practice to get better at it. Chef Stephany was our chef of the day and demoed another shortcake for us with more tips on how to properly frost a cake and doing the design work and everything on it. I stayed up until 12 working on it, but I couldn't fall asleep till 1ish.
     Friday, I woke up 20 minutes earlier for school and started to work on my Pate a Choux for my french class. I think they really liked it! Lol.
     Chef Alex came back and we all discusses some important issues with him. I'm glad he listened because it seems as if he's going to help and lecture us more. So, we finished out Hazelnut Dacquoise. Yum! Then we made an extra chiffon cake to practice again on. I feel like I did 10 times better this time. I had nightmares about this shortcake! I was dreaming about how I was going to present it and everything! I'm glad that I put a lot of thought into my cake, I just need to be more efficient and be better on time management. Chef graded me an 8/10 only because I need to work more on my chocolate piping and I need to put more syrup in my cake. All in all, Thursday was a not-so-bad-because-it-was-more-of-an-improvement day. I'm glad Chef was open minded about what we had to say.
     Later that night, Em called me up and we went out to Chipotle's and to the container store. The container store is AMAZING! For Em, who had OCD, it is "OCD Heaven!" haha. I bought this amazing contraption. It's called "Cereal to go" It's AMAZING! There's 2 compartments, the bottom is for milk, which is in a gel container to keep it chilled, and the top is where you would put the cereal. It also comes with a spoon! I'm so excited to use it now. I'm going to bring it to PCI on Monday at 7 AM because I know for a fact that I'll be starving! Lol. Buaha...
     Anyways, today, I'm waiting for Blake to comeover. I need to go out and buy some things, then make a cake for my grandma since it's ehr birthday party today.

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