It's like driving down a road with only a certain amount of road visible from your headlights; even though you can only see that bit, you follow your gut and continue to drive on it, hoping to not crash and putting in all of your focus to lead you to your destination because all you need to do is follow and commit to that road, and it will lead you anywhere.
     That was the task that the hobby class had to do today. A company decided to tests students from Santa Clara University to see if they were capable of follow directions with just a page of directions and the raw materials in front of them. They were not allowed help from any of the chefs unless they gave up a "chef card". Why do this? Because these students were potential candidates for them to hire, it was also a test to see who would step up to the plate and lead a group.
     I laughed as I watched my group make pizza. Tearing the dough with their hands and failing miserably on stretching out the dough. I helped them of course, for a sweet price of one chef card, after they got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing for them. It really showed their creativity too. At first, they were on shaky grounds, but they started to shape their pizzas, make a giant calzone and even do a deep dish, meat lovers style.
     After class, Nancy, Lynn and I met up at Elephant Bar with one of Nancy's friends. We just had appetizers and talked about life and our future plans. Nancy's friend was extremely knowledgeable and inspirational; he has great insight on life because of all the hardships he has gone through. What an amazing asian man!
     I got home around 9:30PM and I talked to my mom for a bit. It's slowly getting there. I just told her why I came home late, she also told me to make my uncle a cake for his birthday. I'm hoping to make the cake and glaze it. I need to go shopping first though...
     Long day, pretty tired, and just talking to my babe. The perfect thing to end a long and tiring day.

p.s, I finally took that friken ServSafe test!!! I hope I passed because I'm tossing all those papers away.

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