I don't want to be ranting on Christmas Day but I'm getting really annoyed by her. I'm glad she's off in Arizona because I seriously need a break from her. Here goes the rant...
     Even though you're my close friend, you're nowhere near being my best friend. Best friends understand each other, we give each other advice and support one another through hardships. Friendships are a 2-way thing and so far you have yet to play your part. Everytime I talk to you, it's always about you and your problems, you and the countless guys you have friken dated, you and your bad decisions. Honestly though, out of that 99% time you're talking about yourself, only 1% of that attention is towards me. And whenever I DO tell my stories, you're response is always, "Yea. Oh. Okay. Mhmm. Nice" You say you respect and listen to the things that I tell you, but honestly, you don't. If you don't like the truth, then don't talk to me about it. Seriously, when you hear something you don't like, like the truth, you totally zone out and just say, "yea. oh, ohay, mhmm" and it fucking PISSES the SHIT out of me!
     I HATE it when you talk crap about Kira. The only reason why I hate it is because you complain the shit about her and then you go and hang out with her the next day. HONESTLY?! if you fucking hate her as much as you say you do, then stop hanging out with her, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Let's look at the math here. Amanda + Kira = ANGRY AMANDA. Amanda - Kira = HAPPY Amanda.
     I feel like you jump from guy to guy way to quickly. Seriously, right after your break up with your ex, you went for Blake, then when I got with Blake, you went for Cody, now that he's out of the picture, you're into Anthony AND Bryce. Seriously WTF. This is like a 3 month time period too, there's no friken rest for you is there? I'm gonna say this straight up. I don't like Bryce. I think he's using you and you're obviously too blind to see it. Who the fuck gives away $800 to a guy she just met days ago. He "claims" he'll pay you back, but so far, he hasn't. He only says the things he does to make you believe in something that isn't there. I don't trust that guy and I don't approve. With the Anthony thing, if you don't like what he does to you, then stop hanging out with him too! FUCK!
     So today, you randomly texted me your story about your ex. Then, when I text you a long story about my day yesterday, you response was, "Oh wow. Lol" Like seriously? I was comforting you through all the hell you've gone through, and my simple story just gets a ,"oh wow. Lol"? That just made me mad. That made me decide to write up this stupid rant in the first place.
     I hate complaining to Blake about you. One, because I'm TRYING my best to stop talking about people. and Two, I'm pretty sure he's tired of me talking about you. So I refrain myself.
     Honestly though, I love you, but you drive me fucking insane. I just need a break from you. That's all I need. A Break. In a few days, maybe weeks, I'll be perfectly okay. Maybe.

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