I'm surprised at myself; I got a lot done in the little time I had. First off, I took and picked up Brandon from Boyscouts. In that period of rest, I took my Grandma's to Oceans and took them home. Then, I went to pick up Blake so he could go with me to Smart & Final. I didn't find anything that I needed, unfortunately, but it's alright, we ended up going to Sur La Table where I bought parchment circles and a cake ring. As I got home, I was about to start baking, but my grandma's were home. That was basically the end of my Productive day. Although I woke up early, I was pretty tired, but staying out kept me awake, sort of, and I actually went out and bought the things I needed to get.
     The Office is getting really good! Michael is still friken stupid though...
1/25/2010 05:57:52 pm



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