So I went to school and kidnapped Jen. We went all the way to Fremont and into half priced books. I bought My Sister's Keeper and Firefly Lane, and also a Jack Johnson CD. Woot! Lol. Then, I took Jen back to school where we went to go see mom. We talked with her till it was 11, then I had to leave for school.
     After, I went to Jeff's place and we went out to Panera Bread for lunch. Yum yum! Then he drove us to school. We made Apple (pear) Pie and Tart Tatine today. They ran out of apples, so I made pear instead. Still yummy! Class was pretty fun. The culinary class made sammys for us. Jeff's class made us Texas food, beef chili and chicken fried steak. Oh man, I was hecka full!
     After class, I went to the Marriot and met up with Lynn. We fixed our pagoda! Sorta. we just took off the bottom roof and the middle base off. It looks better now. Then we stuffed the boxed. Hehe.. I feel bad for cheating, I don't want to win if we cheat, I want to win fairly. But anyways, I just went home after that.
     Now, I'm here blogging, I'm supposed to study.. I fail. LOL! I think I'm going to shower soon, review some French stuff, then sleep.  I'm going to get right on that then. I gotta wake up at 5 tomorrow! EEK!

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