So after Trig, I was going to go to my car so I could leave, but then I bumped into, nonetheless, Vlad. Weird huh? He gave me a hug and I was like, "Aren't you scared of being seen with me?" And he's like, "Oh, I don't give a fuck anymore." So I was like, "Okay, whatevs." I was going to go with him to pass out flyers for this rave/club party in SC this Saturday, but I was in a hurry to leave. I told him I'd do it tomorrow. Knowing Vlad, and Myself, I probably won't see him tomorrow, therefor, I won't help him pass out flyers.
     So, I was going to go to Lynn's house to work on the gingerbread, but she wanted to go to a workshop at PCI. I was like, "Uhh.. Hell no!" so I went to Jeff's place and we ended up going to Johnny Rocket's to eat lunch. Yum yum. I caught up a lot with Jeff. It was nice.
     Our class was super crowded today, we had 5 more people working on their gingerbread house there. We made snikerdoodles, almond spritz and waffles. I brought in my heart shaped waffle machine! Lol. Class was fun today. It's always pretty fun. My final is tomorrow!! Eeek! I'm pretty nervous. I need to make pumpkin bread. I'm thinking of ways to plate it and to decorate everything. Nervous. OMG! Friken Jeff, Jude, Geoff and Ammet! They friken double teamed times 2 me! So I was getting out of the store room and I see Jeff in the hall pushing the cart of food. So then I block him and he's like,"Go around!" and he wouldn't let me through! And then Jude comes from behind and Jeff let's him pass and Jude's like, "Jessica has a fat ass" or something. And he tried to shove me against the wall. AND THEN! Our of no where, Ameet (with the garbage can) and Geoff (With a tray of food) come out of no where and trap me too! So I have these 4 guys cornering me. It SUCKS! Lol. It was super funny though.
     After PCI, I went over to Lynn's house. We worked on our gingerbread house for 3 hours! It was crazy and she had to leave twice because we were running out of the candy thing for our roof. She's so awesome. Lol. She bought me lemonade and Lays. Yum!
      After I got back to Milpitas, I went to Blockbuster to rent Saw, Star Trek, X-men Wolverine and The Ugly Truth. Now I'm at home and, yes of course, talking to Blake. I don't have class till 10:20 tomorrow so I'm probably going to stay up pretty late. Other than that, I guess I'll just go to bed and talk to Blake. Good night!

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