I didn't get to blog about my day last night! You'll find out soon enough. RECAP!
     When I got to PCI, I got changed and went to class. Blake came in and we chatted for a bit. I think my classmates like him! Lol. Sadly, chef wasn't there at the moment. So anyways, it was our final today! Kinda stressful. We had to make Apple Pie and Lemon Curd with Lemon Meringue on top. He also wanted us to make our croissants. In the end it all turned out well. Nobody's croissants made it, but it's alright, he didn't grade us on that. The hole in my apple pie kinda turned out looking like a heart. LOL! I ended up naming that pie "Blake". In the end, I did a pretty good job, I'm not sure what I got though.
     After class, I met up with Amanda because she wanted to talk. I ended up taking her to Pizza night (which didn't happen) so we just sat at home sewing Blake's present. Around 9ish, Blake came over!
     So Amanda, Blake and I just chilled in my room. We talked and looked up things on the internet. Omg. They stayed till 1 in the morning! I was already so exhausted, but I was dying by the time they left. Lol! I showed them the Yellow Fever video by the way.
     I stayed up till 2 waiting for Blake to get home. I wasn't really tired anymore so I just started reading. Blake wants to stay here for Christmas with me, then he wants me to go to Bakersfield with him for the New Years. I wonder if my parents would let me. I really want to meet his parents. He wants me to tell my parents about us, I know I should, but I'm not close to my parents. This is going to be interesting!

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