On Wednesday I finally watched Spirited Away with babe. I absolutely LOVED it! Maybe I'll go out and buy myself my own copy. Does anyone know where I could buy it?
     On Thursday after PCI, I hung out with Geoffrey. It was nice hanging out with that hooker! Lol. So funny.
    Today, nothing significant. I went to Patty's after De Anza and we played on the Wii. She got me really excited to play the Wii again, so when I got home today, I immediately took all the Nintendo game systems (N64,  Game Cube, Wii, DS, and SP) and brought them to my room. My parents said that we'll go to Ikea next week so I can find myself a nice shelf. I'm excited.
     Tomorrow is a big day for me... Well for the most part. I'm going to (hopefully) get a new phone. I'm really hoping to get the Android! Also, tomorrow, I'm going to have my hair cut. I'm honestly scared to cut my hair. If it doesn't turn out nice, I'd probably cry until Monday. I haven't cut my hair in years. Too many memories. But yea.. Big day!
     No deep thoughts or anything for tonight. I'll think of something though.

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