Today was the beginning of Intro to cakes! Woot! We made Angel Food cake (which turned out super ugly!) and Devil's food cake. We're going to deck out the devil's food tomorrow in class. I heard it's going to be extremely chocolaty, I guess we'll have to see. So the new girl in our class is named Jasmine. She's not that bad, just super slow and quiet. She's pretty nice though, I guess I'll be nice to her too! Lol. Oh! We also learned to temper chocolate today. Messy, but funish. haha
     After class, I met up with Amanda and Blake. I was going to go home, but Blake said that his chef wanted to meet me so we stopped by LB Steak. We originally wanted to stop by, say Hi and order a banana split. Instead, we stopped by, said Hi, and his chef said the food was on the house. So our next plan was just to order a main course and banana split but then the chef started sending out all these appetizers and stuff. HECKA CRAZY! I'll post up pics in the morning. It was delicious! I felt so special! We also got banana split PLUS a brownie. Oh gosh, I was hecka full! It was great though. I met so many of his Co-Workers/Boss', I hope they like me because I love free food! Haha. Jkjk. No.. I'm not using my bf to get food.
     Anyways, We then drove back to my place b/c I was going to make some pastries for my aunt. My mom told me to just give her my shitty looking Angel Food cake. Honestly, I wouldn't be giving out such a terrible creation (we made it kinda wrongish), but I guess my aunt didn't care what I gave her.
     Instead of making the pastries, we all went into my room and ended up watching Moulin Rouge. I love that movie! Best movie ever! After, I let Blake drive home. It was foggy out! I love the fog! Now I'm at home, I guess I'll sleep now. I definitely need to:
-Finish the PJ's
-Upload Pics
-Make CDs
-Take out trash
-Deliver my shitty cakes
     I think that's all. That's mainly it. Alrighty, time for me to go to bed, I'm exhausted! Oh! I'm excited to go see WICKED! Thank you Wilson for paying! I promise I'll pay you back!!! I'm going to be busy till the end of the year!
12/16/2009 06:27:49 pm

DUDE AIN't HAVIN' a relationship awesome? college relationships are so much moar diff than high school... by far! haha. You foo's should hook me up with a wicked ticket when I go back! I've been wanting to go with elizabeth since forever, but haven't had the chance!


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