Last day of ServSafe! I have to take the test on tuesday so I can be officially Certified now! Lol. Yesh, finally! Lol.
     Blake Audited our class today. We did a lot of plating and we also made Molten Lava Cake. Yum! We also made some creme brulee. This whole day was mainly dedicated on plating, it was pretty fun, yet again, I was extreemely tired. I practiced my chocolate fans! I'm getting worse! Lol. I really need to work more on that too! Actually, I really want to work more on everything!
     After class, Blake and I went back to his appartement. I sorta talked to Kira today, she's really distancing herself away from everyone. Then, Blake and I went out to Taco Bell for dinner. Apres, we went to Borders at Santana Row and looked at the food section. Then we sat down and read some FML Stories. Lol! We're so random! We then walked and looked around at Anthropologie, then we went to LB Steak so he could meet with his Chefs again. We went through the back and it was the first time I'd ever been in a legit kitchen! Everyone's so friendly, Blake kinda stranded me by the door, but his chefs went up to me and introduced themselves, then they were like, "BLAKE! You left your GF!" Lol. I talked to Carlos for a bit, then I was dragged to the inside of the kitchen, where I guess "The Line" is at. Blaked talked to his Chefs, he looked so happy, I really wish they offered him a job there, he knows everyone in the kitchen, and he's so cool with everyone too.
     After LB, we went into Crate and Barrel! Yes! I friken love this store! I've always wanted to go into it and I finally did! Blake and I were talking about the furniture and If we ever moved in together, what we would HAVE to get and everything. Then we looked at a bunch of rugs; we decided that we're going to get a shag rug. It's so SOFT! After a while of wandering around, we then went to The Container Store. Love!!! Eventually, we made it to the best store ever, Sur La Table. We didn't buy anything though, just looked around and dreamt of buying things... So Expensive!!! After a while of sitting outside and chilling, we decided to go back to the apartement where Kira was still sitting on the chair and watching yet another movie... Eventually, I had to go home.
     I have a big day ahead of me! Gotta catch up on French, re write my trig notes, clean my room, wash Clover, clean the kitchen... and probably work on Tuiles, Caramel Paste or Chocolate. Bye!

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