Especially since you've written so much, and it's so late at night. UGHH! Sorry that I haven't been blogging much, I've just been so busy and I get home late at night and I end up going to bed instead. But ANYWAYS...
     On Friday (no more De Anza!!!) we made Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Chiffon Pie and Apple Galette. We didn't do much, but I was hecka exhausted!
     After, I hung out with Anthony and Amanda. We went to the mall, ate at Johnny Rockets, rent THE UGLY TRUTH and went back to Anthony's place to watch it. It's still funny the second time around! Then, we went to get some In and Out and headed over to Blake's place.
     The funniest thing happened that night. As we were walking down the hall (we already got in because some car opened the gates for us), I texted Blake telling him to open the door. So we're cruising the halls until I see their door open and all I could think of was, Yes! I'm so going to scare him so badly!!! So, I run, jump in front of the door and yell, "BOO!" but instead of seeing Blake, I see Sky's girlfriend, Emily, who screamed so loud! It was HILARIOUS! I freaked her out yet I couldn't stop laughing. Priceless. The even better part, she was visiting Sky and this was the girl time meeting her. Best. First. Impression... EVER!
     I ended up only staying for a good 30 minutes until I left. There was a guy that I invited that Blake didn't like so there was some tension. I drove Amanda home and I went home myself, talked to Blake and went to sleep.
     I'll blog about tomorrow in the morning. It's 1:22 AM right now and I'm getting super tired!!! I have to wake up early to clean and stuff too. Date with Blake today! Yay!

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