Chef Stephany was our instructor today. Today was a pretty crazy day, no lie. So it started off with us talking about various tools and stuff for wedding cake decorating, then some how in all that conversation, we found out that we were supposed to have a design done and ready for today. Well, obviously, Chef Alex never told us so we were kinda freaking out. We didn't even have our cake frosted yet! We were so behind, so Chef made 2 batches of shortening icing for us and we quickly put together our cakes. After, we just looked through cake books for some ideas and inspirations.
     My original idea, or vision, was to have a gold bow wrapped around on the middle tier. It was going to be just a simple, elegant white and gold cake with maybe some flowers or something.
     After looking through the book, I came across a cherry blossom cake. I really wanted to do another cake like that, but ten times better than what I did before.
     So, chef let us out half an hour early to go home and draw up designs and everything. Since I had an idea of what I wanted to do, Blake and I went to Michaels to buy a crapload of supplies. Then, we went back to his pad and drew up some designs, then watched an episode of HIMYM: Slap Bet. Today is "Dress Up Like Barney Stinson Day"! Lol. So yea, I went home after and now I'm about to crash. Night!

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