Today, I woke up and started to clean. Actually, I did a lot of decluttering and reorganizing, so I guess that counts as cleaning. I first started in the hallway where I threw away a bunch of old papers and booklets. I also reorganized the table thingy where the pics are. I'll try to take more pictures of my family to put there instead of my face...
     Next, I found use to my big I started cleaning the shoe rack and putting all the useless shoes in the box. I found pairs for boots and flats and neatly lines them together on the shelves. All organized!
     Then, I put away all the jackets that do not belong on the railing. It annoys me so much! I really want to get a coat rack because I hate having jackets hanging on the railing. It's just so sloppy...
     I took a break somewhere where I just watched TV and shoved chips in my mouth. But I also cleaned the living room area a bit. It wasn't too messy. I also got some laundry done too!
     Next, dinner. Nom nom! Hot pot night. Then I worked on Blake's V-Day gift. It's a surprise! Lol. You'll see it AFTER I give it to him. Hopefully I remember to take pics! Lol. Around 10-12ish, I watched Foodnetwork and cleaned the drawers that I wanted to take. I got rid of a crapload of things and now I own 4 drawers. SWEET! It's all nice and organzed and everything. I'm so proud of myself!
     Today was a day where I just cleaned and cleaned. I've been lagging on cleaning and I now feel accomplished. I actully got some stuff done! The downfall, my sister has been scrapbooking in my room so now it's messy. House=clean, room=messy. C'est la vie.

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