Geoff and Blake are over right now playing Katamari with my brothers... LOL!! I gotta recap on my day yesterday, but quickly!!!
     First day of De Anza! I found Patty and we went to Astro4 together. I found Jimmy and he sat close to us also, he barely made it in class! I'm kinda excited and nervous for Astro. It's in the planatarium, which is really neat. French was interesting. It seems as if this French2 class is more enthusiastic and everything. There's a guy that sits in front of me, kinda, and he TOTALLY reminds me of Dwight from The Office. Not gonna lie. He kinda looks like Dwight too and he keeps speaking out in class when he's not supposed to. So annoying.. But yea.
     After class, I met up with Patty and we decided to go to Blake's pad. She wanted to meet Blake. Em and Sky where there, we all just chilled there. Sky aired out Kira's nasty smelling room with burnt sage. It's supposed to be cleansing or something like that. But yea, we all just chilled and eveything. Patty was really quiet! Lol.
     Around 12ish, Patty went home and Blake went with me to school. We started on our lady fingers and we also made the crust for our cheese cake. After class, Blake picked me up and we went back to his place. I ended up staying longer than expected. We watched Taking Pelham 123, pretty good movie, then Em came and we all just chilled and talked and stuff. Around 9ish, I went home and eventually I fell asleep.
      Today, De Anza again, I met up with Patty but she needed to buy something so we were kinda late to Astro4, French was alright. After class, I went over to Blake's. Sky and Em were there too. Blake made us all pancakes! Yum! we all just chilled like always and talked and stuff. Around 12ish, Blake went with me to school again. This time, we finished out Charlotte Russe cake, using the lady fingers, and we also finished our cheese cake.
     After class, chef let us stay a little longer to practice and stuff. Blake came in and helped us wash dishes. Thanks babe! Lol. After, we decided to meet up with the guys at pizza night; Darren,  Perry, Vince, Alex Nguyen, David, Vincent Do, Alan, and Elizabeth were all there. Sorry guys, I had to leave early because I had a lot to get done with. After pizza, we went to Karate where everyone met Blake. Lol, especially Allan Dale. I also gave them 2 cakes. We stayed there for quite a long while.
     After that, we went over to Kim's so I could pick up my french video. Kim and Blake started conversing and kinda arguing about political views and stuff. I was kinda scared that they were gonna start fighting or something! Anyways, we stayed for a good while, until I had to leave to go to Wilson Yu's place to pick up my AA jacket. We all talked, I heard some stuff about band.... Yea...
     So anyways, we're back at home. It's 11 right now and Geoff is stuck on this game. It's pretty funny. Anyways, I'm kinda getting sleepy, I'll kick them both out when this round is over. Hehe. Anyways, BYE!
     We made decorated our carrot cake and made chiffon cake yesterday. I need to really work on my icing/frosting technique... Class felt slow but time flew by quickly! Chef Stephany was our chef today.
     After class I headed home, dropped off the carrot cake and showered. Then I headed over to Darren's house. When I got there, Wilson and Darren were playing water pong. After their game, Wilson and I battled it out against Kelly and Amanda Berryhill. We won 2 games and lost the last. Then Kenny and Darren went against them, they magically won! Haha. Friken hustlers! But yea, Waterpong was fun! After, we enjoyed a few slices of pizza. Yes, I'm a fatty, then we payed rockband. By the end of the night, my voice was shot so I had to rest it for a bit. I think the guys like Blake. They keep screaming his name. LOL!
     So today was full of cleaning. I cleaned my room, cleaned my parents room and sorta cleaned their bathroom. Then I de-cluttered the halls and just tried to make everything look as pretty as possible. Eugene came over. We had a heart to heart talk.
     To my so called "friends": I also got a call from Wilson Yu... Let's just say, now I know what my "friends" talk about when I'm not around. This is why I know for a fact that we wont be friends in the future. And if, for some crazy reason, I end up being friends with them, I'm going to make damn sure that I cut connections with them. I don't want to be around a group of people who are so judgemental. This is also why I don't have many friends who are girls... If it pisses me off even more, I'll actually rant about them in future blogs, but right now, I can't even look them in the eyes...
     To the rockband group: Sorry if I seem to be angry at you guys. I'm not. I'm not trying to avoid you guys or anything either. I didn't mean to skip out on Christmas In The Parks! I really wanted to go but I didn't know that it'd be on thursday instead of friday. If I wanted to, I would've gone to Ihop also! But my parents told me to get home at a certain time and I was still up in the hills... ANYWAYS! I'm sorry if it seemed like I didn't want to hang out with you or if I was avoiding you guys, I LOVE YOU GUYS TO DEATH and I would never do that!
     I finally returned my extra toolkit! Yes! Lol. I got to school a little early today and chilled with Jude and Ameet for about 2 good minutes, then I went inside to change. After I changed and dropped off my stuff, I saw Blake, gave him a hug, then later went to talk with Amanda. Good times...
     We have a final tomorrow! Today we made Almond Pear Tart. YUM! We also made classic puff pastry dough and croissant dough for the final tomorrow. Chef added it on.  It was a nice chill day today. I told the class that I was "off the market" and Lynn gave me a hard time but she accepts. Lol! Chef was like, "I KNEW IT!" haha. Oh gosh, they'll never let me live after this! OMG! This chick from the morning class is going to be put into OUR class! Nobody in my class wants her! Apparently she needs special attention and mature people to surround her. Ugh..
     After class, I went to the Great Mall with Kira and Amanda. I guess Kira and I are okay now. We chilled, walked around, and took pics at the Japanese photo booth! Fun fun.
     Then we went to Wal Mart because they both wanted to get their ears peirced. I bought some fabric so I can sew Blake some Pj's! Woot! haha. We went to Quickly's after that. The 2 ladies ordered Strawberry Milk tea (Disgusting!) and Passion fruit milk tea (EVEN WORSE!). Omg, I bought Thai Tea, but it was so watered down! So disgusting! I went to the cashier and told him nicely that it wasn't thai tea and he was such a dick to me! Omg! I was so pissed that I called Wilson Yu and ranted to him. I made him come there so he can tell the guy. As we were waiting for him, we bought some Mochi and enjoyed it. Then Wilson came and spoke to him in chinese. The guy gave me another drink, which still wasn't fixed, but whatever... After Wilson left, we went to Orange Tree and had some froyo. Apparently Wilson's mom was "checking me out". Gross. haha. Orange Tree SUCKS at froyo. But whatever, I didn't pay.
     After, I got dropped off at my car and I went home, showered and now I'm here talking to Blake and Eugene (2 DAYS!). Lol. I'm so sleepy. I think I'm going to sleep soon... Good night!