Let's see... Today, I woke up at 8:30AM, I was pretty much bored so I started to read my book. It's getting really interesting and I'm almost finished with it! Around 10:30AM, I left to go to Darren's house.
     The most randomest thing happened. When I got there, Tim, Tim's GF, and Ami were all there. We all just talked, Ami didn't stay long though, and a little after Kenny arrived, Tim left also. It's nice seeing him, even though I don't know him too well.
     After, Kenny, Darren and I just began to rockband. We bought about 6 new songs and began getting more stars. Wilson arrived LATE, stupid Wilson! This was all for you and you arrived at 12ish! Lol. So yea, we basically just continued to play rockband till we got 900 stars, enough to begin the endless setlist 2! So excited! After that, we all went out to eat Pho. Well... I didn't really eat it, except for the bean sprouts, I wasn't really hungry... plus I didn't have any cash on me. When we got back to Darren's, we just played a few rounds of CoD until I got motion sickness, then I really wasn't much help afterwards... By then it was 8:30PM ish and I had to leave.
     When I got to my cousin's house, I began to watch The Office, but I found Shian and we just chilled in one of the rooms. We went channel surfing and talked for a bit. Nothing much happened afterwards. Geoff called me and wanted to come by to play Katamari, my parents gave me the okay so I drove Shian, Chen and my brothers all home.
     Now Geoff is over playing the Katamari game with my brother, LOL! Friken Losers... While he was doing that, I downloaded a crapload of macbook games for my laptop. Woot! I'm excited to play them all when I get bored... If I even remember to. Geoff is silently dancing to the Japanese music from the game.
     Anyways, Blake is coming home tomorrow! I can't wait to see him, I'm so excited. I might do a Davis trip, hopefully my parents are okay with it. Cross my fingers! Geoff is still over... Friken loser.
     So when Geoff came over, he brought over his game, which was actually called Beautiful Katamari. Go Figure. It's a pretty fun game. I literally felt like I was on drugs because it was just so corny. You basically have a super sticky ball and you just keep rolling it around to collect random things; first you start small and collect candy and coins and whatever small things there are, then you proceed to collecting larger items like food, irons, birds, then eventually you'll be able to collect people, cars, animals, and buildings and stuff. There are various goals for each level, but Geoff said that eventually, you'll have to get the whole earth and universe. Lol. It's addicting and not as easy as you may think it is.
     I love how Geoff came into my house and got all my cousins and brothers to like him. He was just so talkative with them and he let them play a few rounds of this game.
     After Geoff left, I was so bored. I put on 500 Days of Summer for my cousins to watch. I'm so scared of over watching that movie. But I'll watch it at least one more time on Sunday with Blake. During that movie, Shian came and we went back to my room. We talked for a little and decided to play Monopoly. It was SO boring! It was just Shian, Calvin and I playing. I usually love to play Monopoly, but I was just bored the whole time. We eventually gave up and decided to watch a movie.
     We ended up choosing to watch Flightplane. I'm not going to lie, pretty good movie. During the middle of the movie, I paused it and Shian and I Skyped with Blake for a little. Shian really liked him. She's like, "Damn, I'm so jealous. You guys look cute together."
     We didn't count down together, I told him that I was going to count down with my family and then I'll Skype with him after the movie.
     After the countdown and the movie, Shian wanted to watch another movie. So as she was looking, I was looking up trailers for her. She just kept flipping the pages back and forth. I got bored so I Skyped with Blake some more till 1 something. A few minutes after I Skyped with Blake, Shian and Calvin went home. Then I went to bed.
     My plans for today... Pho with Family; hang out with the guys; hopefully Skype with Blake again.
     - Banhzaii
shian and i
     Yet again, I'll blog as if it were yesterday.
     So today (Tuesday), I went to Target to buy the WICKED soundtrack. So beautiful... Then I went and picked up Shian. We kinda got lost, but found our way to Valley Fair. We didn't really do much, just walked around and then went to Santana Row and walked around.
    At 1:00PM, we left to go meet up with everyone at the theaters. Shian and I got hecka lost! We got there around 1:30, I thought that was when the movie started so I was going 90 on the highway! Jeeze! When I got there, I saw Arnold and Tomy in line and I asked them if they were late too. Then arnold was like "Wtf? the movie starts at 1:50PM" and I was like WOW! It's all good though, I might've been late if I knew.
     We watched Sherlock Holmes with Arnold, Tomy, Angela, Wilson, Perry, and Alex Tu. That movie was really good! I liked it. It totally reminded me of Psych. I love those types of movies when you have little details which makes sense in the end. Like little puzzels and stuff. Anyways, I liked it in the end.
Sherlock Holmes
     After the movies, Shian and I left and went shopping. I bought a new bag from H&M. I LOVE it!!! Lol. Then we met up with Perry and Wilson, walked around, and then went our seperate ways. We eventually met up with Alan and Towel on their date at Starbucks. Hehe. She's cute, Alan.
     Afterwards, we went back to my place and watched some of 500 Days of Summer. Around 7, we went over to Mountain Mikes for Pizza Night. Wilson, Darren, Perry, Alan, Vince, Alex Tu, Chris Young, Chris' Friend, and Kenny were all there also. We ordered 2 mountain sized pizzas and enjoyed ourselves. It was nice reconnecting with the guys again. After, we just loitered around outside and eventually loitered our way into Marinas. Lol.
    Apres, I drove Shian home and met up with Wilson and Kenny at Darren's house. We went to Wal Mart, then to Boreders, then back to Wal Mart. First, we were looking for the Wicked Soundtrack but those places didn't carry it, then we went back to Wal Mart to buy The Hangover for Darren's mom.
     When we got back to Darren's, we watched one episode of The Office, had some fondue, then I went home.
     I haven't talked to Blake all day, so we basically talked all night, Until 3AM. LOL! It was a good 2+ hours. Anyways, I woke up around 10:30AM today. I did the laundry and made my parent's bed. I'm gonna go take Passport Pics today, then go have froyo with Jenann and Kim. I might go to have dinner with the other ladies... but I don't know if I want to go hangout with them. I'm still bothered by the comment that one of them made... But then again... I might go to WC Sunnyvale today! So then I WON'T be able to dine. Hehe...
     Pictures will be up Later!